Why does dog poop take so long to decompose?

When my dog pinches a loaf outside, the pile will remain there sometimes up to a year before it fully decomposes and ‘disappears.’ Why? Why, even through all the rainstorms and snowstorms and stuff, does dog poop take so long to decompose?

What are you feeding him?

Standard dog kibble from the standard dog kibble store.

Well I don’t know what you are experiencing. The snows been gone here only about a week, and Blackjack’s frozen business is already 90% gone. You might check the contents of the dog food, I don’t know how long it takes for melanamine to decompose.

Wow, it doesn’t take the long for my dog’s poop to disappear. I have two dogs and not that big of a backyard. I haven’t cleaned the backyard (off dog poop) in probably 4 years and if you went out there in summer you’d probably guess it’s been 1-2 weeks since it’s been done. I mow the lawn 2 or 3 times a week and without paying particularly close attention I probably step in it once or twice each summer. OTOH, going back to the ‘not paying particularly close attention’ statement, maybe it does take longer then I realize, I really don’t pay much attention to it. As long as I’m not stepping in it on a regular basis, I don’t give it much thought.
If it makes a difference, my dogs are mini-schnauzers (smaller poops) and I’m feeding them Royal Canin. All bets are off if they get into a box of Crayons.

A friend of mine has a St. Bernard/German shepard, and she rarely has to clean up the poop because of some insect (not regular flies) that breaks down the feces within a week or so. She’s the only person I know who doesn’t have to pooper-scoop her yard every week. I had dogs for years and years. When living in town, I cleaned it up at least daily, especially in summer when it smells gross and attracts flies, but when living in the country, the dog used the pasture, and I wasn’t as fastidious. It wasn’t unusual for me to find dried feces months after the fact. I live in a fairly dry climate. Maybe that’s a factor. One dog got Science Diet, the other Iams, both on recommendations from the vet.

The horse and donkey doots hang around a long time in the yard, too . . .

It’s their diet. We feed our dogs mainly raw meat. Their poop basically crumbles into dust as soon as it dries out.

It also depends a bunch on where you live. In the desert southwest, they seem to petrify & will last decades if not disturbed. And there are no insects to help break them down.

Conversely, in a rainy area full of bugs they can fall apart in days. The feces material itself may not disappear for a couple months, but once the hunks get smaller than you notice, it *seems *to have decomposed quickly & completely.

I have a couple of related questions-

Does anyone know if you can buy something to spread on the lawn (that’s safe for pets, and the grass) that would speed up the decomposition process? Or, of commercial brands of food that decompose a short time after the dog is ‘finished using it’?