Why does eBay think I'm in France?

Despite some regional similarities (great wine, great food, great weather, hating freedom, etc), I’m fairly certain Northern California is not actually France. However, every time I try to view auction pages for cosmetics or perfumes, I get a page with the following message:

Mysteriously, this problem seems entirely limited to Firefox - I’m able to load the auctions normally in Google Chrome. This is great for my wallet but bad for my BPAL obsession, and hella annoying to boot. Help?

Hmmm… I’ll have to try that next time Google Maps thinks I’m in Russia. Yes, oddly enough, sometimes for some reason I can’t explain, Google Maps is in Russian. On my PC.

Oddly enough, when my iPhone doesn’t have a GPS signal, it uses cell tower triangulation. In my apartment here in Mexico City, it seems to think I’m someplace in southeast Michigan. What makes it stranger still is that I am from southeast Michigan, about 40 miles from where the iPhone Google Maps is putting me.

Maybe the seller is French and ebay is saying he can’t sell to you (export laws).

Have you looked at the item location on the listing?

(I’m sorry. I don’t have any serious answers here.)

aceplace57, this happens (among other times) when I try to view any auction listed by the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, a perfume company based in Southern California. It’s not the location of the seller, it’s something with how Firefox reports my location.

Actually, I’ve had this problem with the Firefox Add-Ons page, too - it always defaults to French. MYSTERIOUS.

Have you checked out where geolocation sites, such as this one, think you are?

If all the hot chicks looking for sex in my area are anything to go by, these things work pretty well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Possibly your ISP is part of a multinational group and the company which detects your location uses heuristics to decide where you are. E.g. they’ve found that most people of your ISP’s IP region who use Firefox are French, and most people of your ISP on anything else are American.

Were you in France?

I ask because I (and my computer) went to the Philippines last month and it was ridiculous trying to convince Google when I got back that I was actually in the US. I logged out and logged back in multiple times and it still showed up in Tagalog and kept returning me Filipino search results. (I changed my language preferences to English and it changed it back to Tagalog for me without my permission.) I don’t know what I finally did to make it understand that I’m in the US, but it’s no longer doing it.

And Gmail is STILL giving me the option of writing my emails in various Indian scripts…six months after I left India.

Njitt and Sage Rat, the geolocation site reports my correct location. (It’s sort of creepy… neat, though.)

Kyla, I wish! Unfortunately, the closest I’ve come to visiting France was studying the language in high school.

Maybe it’s a messed up cookie? You could delete your cookies from ebay and see if that fixes it. You’d probably have to re-enter some information that was stored, like your username and password.

Well, there are quite a lot of internet location reporting services out there - try Googling for sites that report your IP number, they often will guess your location too - and their results do not always agree. I have seen one site give my location quite accurately, and another, tried right after, that put me in a different state (though not another country yet). They are fairly accurate for the most part, but they do make mistakes.

However, going by what Kyla says, I would second the advice to clear out your cookies. It is a good idea to do it every so often anyway.

Besides a cookie being set wrong, it could also be the browser language setting. If you type “about:config” into the address bar, it’ll let you access Firefox’s various settings. Type “language” into the filter bar at the top, and it’ll show just the options with “language” in their preference name. Check the values and make sure they’re English-related – mine shows that intl.accept_languages is set to “en-us, en”. You can right-click on it and choose reset if it’s set wrong.

It’s the beret. Lose the beret.

You think that is strange, when I post a thread on some forums it has my location as being in Texas or Georgia when I am in neither place. I too use Firefox as my web browser and I also notice that I can not use Firefox to get free music through AOL Radio as I have to go to Internet Explorer. It seems Firefox has some strange quirks that need fixing.