Why does every Aussie Footy game seem like a blowout???

Love the AFL but over the past 2 seasons it seems like almost every game I see of FoxSports2 is an embarrassingly one sided match. Is this the new norm or are American audiences only being fed the worst games?

I’m posting this as Essendon is beating Geelong 55-15 and the second quarter isn’t finished. And trust me, this just ONE example of a bad game I’ve seen.

You can’t find NBA games this bad.
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I think you have some justification.

The 2018 competition standings are very tight.
One win separated 3rd and 13th (out of 18) after 8 rounds.
But that seems to be brought about by teams winning comfortably and then losing resoundingly on high rotation.

Out of 74 games concluded the average margin is a bit over 6 goals, which is a pretty comfortable win.
About 1 in 5 are decided by less than 2 goals.
60% of games the winning sides 3/4 time score beats the losing sides full time score, which is a largely untroubled win.
Only twice has a losing team scored over 100 points.

Of more concern is that the game is currently being played as a rolling rugby maul with no knock-ons or offside.
The standard of skills on display is heading from poor towards appalling as coaches prefer defensive structures based on suffocation rather than attacking creativity.

I think it’s getting pretty hard to watch.

Makes for all the more justification to us diehards who think footy was at it’s best in the 70s & 80s when the game unstructured, flowed end to end constantly and scoring goals was the aim of both sides.
A flashback to Rnd 6 1978 Melbourne 52.33 (345) defeated St Kilda 31.18 (204).

Regards PT, unreconstructed VFL dinosaur.

The average margin this year is 32 points. That’s pretty typical. The spread of margins looks pretty normal too.

The main difference in the scoring between AFL and NBA is the distance between the ends of the court/field. It’s a lot easier to shut down the opposition and pile on goals if you have 170 metres to operate in. It’s called it strategic depth, **russian **heel. :slight_smile:

The score for that game was 31.18 (204) to 21.15 (141). Don’t know where you pulled the 52.33 from.

Yeah, but I do. Doh!
52.33 is the combined score. Buggered up the cut & paste. :smack:

Well has there been any talk about rule changes? This can’t be considered entertaining and I must not be the only fan that thinks this makes for poor viewing. I also notice the stands seem 1/4 full for many of these games.

I always thought the 6 points for a goal and 1 point just because you missed seems odd. With all these blowouts the one pointer doesn’t seem to make much of a difference anyway.
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The rules committee is always making changes; usually in a reactionary and ham-fisted way. The game has just evolved to be pretty dour and defensive despite their efforts. It would take something pretty revolutionary to change things.

The crowds - Adelaide and Optus are always pretty close to capacity, SCG around 3/4, MCG and Etihad maybe 1/2 full. Gabba is quite low, because Brisbane has been crap for a decade - they still get around a 1/3.

What about making a goal only count for 3-4 points?
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Making goals count for 3-4 points would give you the illusion that a match isn’t a blowout. Is a scoreline of 7-1 in soccer a blowout? I mean it’s ‘only’ a six point margin, right?

The only thing it would accomplish would be to make the behinds (i.e. the misses) worth more. And why would you want that?

The worm has turned with results generally closing up.

Round 20 was a new first time 5 games have been decided by less than a goal.
Richmond by 3 pts over Geelong
Hawthorn by 4 pts over Essendon
North Melbourne by 3 pts over Brisbane
Adelaide by 3 pts over Port Adelaide
Sydney by 2 pts over Collingwood

Yep as teams work out other teams strategies the scores get tighter, but bugger me I was a nervous tigers supporter last week!