why does everyone hate new jersey?

it doesn’t seem to be… um… very respected.

why is this?

Your answer lies here:

Because all the cool kids do it.

Who hates New Jersey? Some of the best movies are set there:
[li]Clerks[/li][li]Mallrats[/li][li]Dogma[/li][li]Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (I am the CLIT COMMANDER!)[/li][/ul]

(Chasing Amy was set in New York. Classic case of Kevin Smith selling out the View Askew universe for some classier digs. Dogma and the obsessively referential J&SBSB returned to the Ancestral Home.)

(Clerks is the best of all five. :))

thanks magicalsilverkey, the link explained all.

What the hells in New Jersey that anyone would want to see?

What’s the worste thing about dying in New York?

The light at the end of the tunnel is New Jersey.

new jersey tends to itch until you’ve washed and fabric conditioned it a few times

I hate New Jersey because the entire length of the state is orange-for-urban on the Rand McNally atlas. I hate driving through orange-for-urban splotches on the map.

I thought their apartment was in Red Bank. New Jersey. Parts of it were in NY, true, but not all of it.

The Rolling Mills of New Jersey. Sung to the tune of “The Rolling Hills of the Border.”

When I die, bury me low
Where I can hear the petroleum flow.
A sweeter sound, I never did know
The rolling mills of New Jersey.

-John Roberts and Tony Barrand

Kevin Smith should have stopped making movies after Clerks and until he made Dogma. And then he should have stopped again.
The commuter rail out of Penn Station.

Highest per capita number of: I-ROCS, gold chains, and fat guys named Tony, Vinny or Mikey.

Bar-A, Belmar, NJ

These are a few of my least favorite things.

Are there gardens in the garden state?

My ex lives there. Ain’t that reason enough?

We only let the tourists see the ugly parts.

Part of it smells funny.

Ain’t THAT the truth!:smiley:

I’m 10 miles north of Princeton. It’s not near any exit, but it’s in a “township” that still has working, productive, and profitable farms in addition to all the conveniences of modern suburbia. It RuLeZ :smiley:


Things to hate about Jersey.

-Big hair

-Not having change for the Turnpike

-The bad smell over there by the Budweiser factory.


-It’s got places like Hoo-Hoo-Kus, Watchung, and Hoboken.

-Too many diners

-Too many malls

-Too many people

-Seaside Heights

-That awful accent!


-The Mafia

-Mean people who don’t know how to drive

-Ridiculous auto insurance rates

-Casey and Sean on the radio

Things to love about Jersey
-We don’t have to pump our own gas.

Their apartment is in Red Bank. It was over Jack’s Music Store on Broad Street, just across the street from where Kevin Smith now has his comic book store.

And by the way, I was born and raised in Jersey, and I don’t have any plans to leave.

New Jersey has one thing going for it - the giant chicken of Hoboken.