Why Does Everyone Seem to Hate "Opus"?

I was really too young to appreciate “Bloom County” when it was still in the papers, but I’ve been enjoying “Opus” so much, I’m thinking of buying some of the “Bloom County” collections at Borders. Which brings me to my question…

What’s wrong with “Opus”? I’ve really been enjoying it and today’s (“it…it was kissing”) was so funny I know I’ll be laughing about it all day at work. Maybe I just have an underdeveloped sense of humor, I don’t know. So, those of you who don’t like it (especially if you did like “Bloom County” and/or “Outland”), why don’t you like it?

I like Opus just fine. Trying to find a place that carries it, though, is not the easiest thing.

…and I don’t much care for Berke Breathed; I found some of his opinions fairly odious, I didn’t care for his habit of attacking other cartoonists, and I really didn’t like his habit of whoring out Bloom County characters to flog his pet causes. When I sit down to read the paper (or scan my morning news sites), I don’t much want a lecture on PETA philosophy from a talking penguin. I wanna good laugh, and maybe something to cut out and stick on the fridge or a cubicle wall, you know?

I am old enogh to remember “Bloom County.” It was innovative, daring, and consistently funny. With “Opus,” Breathed seems to only recall the surrealistic portions of his earlier strp and has lost the satirical edge. I refuse to recognize the existence of a strip called “Outland.”

I knew “Bloom County.” “Opus” is no “Bloom County.”

I love Bloom County, am rereading every comic via mycomicspage.
But when he quit doing Bloom County and began Outland, it was over for me. Even the end of Bloom County was no fun - when he was obv iously beginning the transition.
From what I hear Berke Breathed was sick of doing political satire, so killed Bloom County and started Outland. Outland - an unfunny, totally pointless comic.
I haven’t read Opus, though. Have to admit, I’m scared.

And with good reason. It’s not available online, but somebody was scanning it and posting without permission. He managed to get away with it for about 4-5 months before the syndicator caught on and sent him a cease and desist letter. I read them while I had the chance. You are missing nothing.

I like it.

No, it isn’t Bloom County. SO? I like seeing Opus and there have been a few strips that were funny in the new run.

The lot of you who are decrying the new strip sound incredibly pretentious.

There WAS an Outland. It was pretty cute.

How so?

If it ain’t funny, I’m gonna say, “It ain’t funny”.

I’m a big Bloom County fan. It had its share of stinkers, too. Opus just isn’t funny.

It’s just people’s opinions, Mockingbird. Nobody is saying that Opus is in fact a bad comic. If a person likes slapstick or body humour, there’s nothing wrong with that. If a person likes political humour soley, there’s nothing wrong with that. No need to take people’s opinions personally or to attack people for their opinions.

As well, DrFidelius said that s/he considered Outland to never have existed. S/he didn’t say it did not exist in fact*.

Imagine if Calvin and Hobbes came back with Calvin as a teenager without Hobbes.

It would probably suck, too.

My problem with Opus in its current incarnation is that it’s been incoherent. Bloom County was a comic strip that ran 7 days a week. It had a cast of characters and followed a standard panel strip format. It was at least somewhat linear. The Sunday color strips were usually the same, although towards the end of the strip Breathed began experimenting with alternative layouts.

Outland moved away from standard format, away from the established cast of characters and away from linearity. It was really hard to read.

Opus is pretty much more of the same. I had high hopes that Breathed would return to his cast of beloved characters and to some kind of storytelling. Instead, I get Opus alone, and perhaps Bill the Cat (one of my least favorite characters). And each time I try to read the damn thing, I need to take time to figure out where the story flows, since there are no borders to guide me.

It makes me want to send Breathed a copy of McCloud’s Understanding Comics.

Feel free to decry my pretention, Mockingbird. :slight_smile:

Pretension. :smack:

Personally, I read the first three or four strips of Opus, and I just didn’t find them funny at all. Maybe it’s because there’s too much plotline and not enough punchline? I don’t know. Ultimately, it’s just a matter of opinion. You may like it; I don’t. And FWIW, I’ve never read Bloom County.

I love Opus, and I loved Bloom County too. I don’t really remember Outland much so I have no opinion on it. I think most comics are pretty lame anymore so Opus wins points by having funny lines, clever dialogue, great art and Opus himself. I thought today’s comic was hilarious. I agree about Bill the Cat though. Didn’t like him earlier, don’t like him now. But Pickles is a character that I think will grow on me. Give the guy a chance, will ya?

Bloom County was my favorite strip during its heyday, and was pretty consistently good. Opus, well, it’s not bad, but it’s no Bloom County. It seemed to take a while to hit its stride: The biggest problem it seems to have is a lack of cast (the first strips were all just Opus himself), and I think it took a turn for the better when Bill returned. Not that he’s my favorite character, either, but he’s someone. Pickles also seems to have potential (and it’s good to see a new major character not from the other strips), but it’d help a lot if she didn’t look like a teratoma. OK, so she’s not supposed to be cute, but she doesn’t need to be completely ugly.

Pickles is the most loathsome, offensive brute of a character I’ve seen in a comic, and yes, I can look away.

Opus in the bar being fought over by a Republican woman & a Democrat woman a few weeks ago was the first funny “Opus” I’ve seen since it started.

And yes, I totally enjoyed “Bloom County”.

Bloom County was brilliant for most of its run. Outland stank. So does Opus, the few installments I’ve come across. Now I mostly look away.

I loved Bloom County; agree with everyone that Outland stunk. I was happy at tje news that Opus was returning; so far, so-so. I like Pickles, and love Bill the cat. (What does that say about me? – maybe because I’m a cat person, I thought his hacking up hair balls was hilarious - doesn’t take much to amuse me. Also like the idea of a cat named “Bill.”) Anyhoo - yes, Opus has a ways to go. I think it has promise, so I continue to read it faithfully. I liked today’s strip - reminiscent of Bloom County, bringing back the anxiety closet and poliltical humor.

Or imagine if Calvin grew up to write songs and work a day job as a school janitor. Then you’d have Frazz

(I don’t know which day that will get you to, so look around for a good one.)

Bloom County- the Muhammad Ali of comicdom. Quite simply, the greatest of all time.

Opus- A pale shadow of Bloom County. Breathed spends way too much time on artwork and not nearly enough on humor.

Outland- What a waste of comic genius. Inferior even to Opus. Still way better than
Cathy , but then so is a bad case of hemorrhoids.

I think Cathy’s main audience is female – we understand what she’s going through. Hey, I don’t badmouth Tank McNamara, so leave Cathy alone! If you can’t identify with Cathy’s (i.e., women’s) issues, don’t read it! :stuck_out_tongue: