Why does "forum leaders" not load?

I’ve tried several times today to look at the “forum leaders” page, linked at the bottom of the main bag, and it never loads.

What are you keeping from us? :smiley:

Please don’t tell me that Ted Cruz is a secret admin on this board in his spare time? :eek:

Worked for me. Took a second, but it did load.

Took me several tries and about 30 seconds to get it to load.
I just hit refresh on the page and it took 23 seconds to come back.

ETA: I see similar behavior on opening some threads, but it’s scattered. The Forum Leaders part seems consistent.

It’s early on a Sunday. Most of us haven’t gotten loaded yet.

I just tried it and it loaded, but it was slow.

I thought we spread our leaders across the time zones, specifically to handle this case. :slight_smile:

slow for me also.

I got loaded Sat. night.

Just a hunch: Does that page maybe call up a search of the whole user database, looking for members who have the moderator tag? It seems an awfully foolish way to implement it, but if so, it would account for the slow loading.

I’ve never looked at the “forum leaders” page. What am I missing?

A list of mods.

Thrilling stuff, really.

Well, that was cool. Worth the wait, actually.