Super fast board - WTF

Ok most of the time this board is so slow that I can click on a link and have lunch before the page loads (almost) but recently sometimes the board acts so quick (like pulling from the HD instead of the net) and sometimes jumps before I finish my click (sometimes I think it’s reading the previous click). I know these pages are not cached because when this happens I get to pages I never looked at before. What is causeing this?

I think the consensus is that it’s directly tied to the volume of posters. When nobody’s here, the threads load slick. When everybody’s here, you have time to go out for a sandwich.

I know how fast the board can be but this is something else. As soon as the click is pressed (not even released) the page is fully loaded. Are they trying somethign new and top secret?

Don’t jinx it…

I think the board got so slow that a lot of people gave up, and this sped things up for us die-hards.

They gave the hamster a shot of adrenaline. You think the Boards are running fast now, but in a few hours, the hamster’s poor little heart is going to explode, and they’ll have to replace it.

The pet store down the street from the Reader’s HQ is making bank, I tells ya.

Nothing has changed in the hardware/software setup AFAIK.

Nobody goes to that restaurant any more; it’s too crowded.