You know this board is slow when...


Last night I was reading a thread and posted a reply to it, then I clicked the Submit button.

By the time the page refreshed and showed my post, someone else had replied to me. Now that’s slow.

If someone was able to view and reply to your post, don’t you think it’s possible that the delay is on your end and not the board itself?

FTR, I’ve had very few problems with loading times lately. I remember when a page took 30-60 sec to load, consistently. That sucked.

The Board is certanly faster these days. It does bog down in the evening hours as well as the noon hours. Try posting (if you can) any other time, you’ll have better results. The hampsters are a’crankin!

You know the board is slow when…you start a post about how slow the board is.

Okay, I’ll play along:

[audience]“How slow was it?”[/audience]

your humble TubaDiva
“It was so slow my posting had a mustache AND a beard.”

This has happened to me a time or two, also. Incidentally, this is one reason why we can’t edit our posts within a short window after posting on this board: No window could possibly be short enough.