Why does it seem impossible to find discussion boards that are evenly Red/Blue?

By that I mean it seems like every discussion board I know of either has an abudance of conservatives or liberals. Either it is mostly atheists and pagans, or fundamentalist Christians. I can’t seem to find any discussion boards that even come close to mirroring the electorate. I would like to find a board where I could post the thread “Is Bush a great President” and get about half going each way (understanding that it may very by time of day ect.).

Very simply, people of all stripes generally like to hang around/talk with with people similar to them. If by happenstance a board happens to attract more conservatives or liberals during its early days, the founders of the board will generally make things fustrating for the other viewpoint when they come in. Also note that many discussion boards are created by partisans, who set the tone on the board.

I’m sure there are boards where you can talk about Swinging Republican Atheists somewhere on the World Wide Web.

I know of one board that I was reading prior to the election that seemed actually pretty evenly split. I used to have it bookmarked at home but I don’t think so anymore. I’ll post it if I can find it, but just wanted to let you know that they are out there.

Roland, I think you might feel more at home at the ehowa boards: www.ehowa.com, but you’ll need to register


Message boards are a lot like talk shows. The person who’s loudest and most outrageous usually dominates the argument. At that point, the people who support that position pile on, while the people who oppose it say “screw this” and go find another board that’s more in harmony with their ideas.

***Sociopathic ***Swinging Republican Atheists.