Why does MTV allow Bjork Nude?

In her Video Cocoon she is completely nude? What gives? why doesnt MTV censor this video?

Im not a prude, Im asking out of curiosity.

Along similar lines. George Michael can be heard clearly swearing in his new video FREEEK. Yet the allow that too

Are MTV’s censors taking Nitol or what?

Why allow Bjork nude?

Because she’s the cutest fucking thing on the face of the planet, that’s why! Or maybe that’s just my opinion. I haven’t seen the video, but I guess a lot depends on what time you saw it and wether or not it was true nudity or body paint or something along those lines. I know when Prodigy’s video for “Smack my Bitch Up” came out, they showed an edited version (both in language and lesbian sex at the end) during the day, but after 10:00 p.m., they were a bit more liberal with what they showed. Seeing as how the few times I’ve caught MTV during the day over the past year, it’s either been TRL Live or Spring Break (or Summer Break, or Fall Break, or whatever excuse they have to be at the beach), I’m going to assume that you saw it in the late everning, because they never seem to show videos during the day. Unless you saw it on MTV 2, which is possibly more lax as well due to the fact it’s a “specialty” channel, and they can get away with stuff like that.

As for the George Michael video, I don’t know, what does he say? I just remember a while back when watching Whynona’s Big Brown Beaver on MTV, they edited out the word “smell.” I found that rather odd, and insulting. They even removed it from the little “follow the bouncing ball” line of type at the bottom. MTV just sucks, let’s leave it at that.

cocoon: cuz it’s tasteful?

freek: cuz he’s george michael?

kudos to mtv for playing bjork.


about 7 am local South African time, which is an hour earlier than CET.

And i think its great showing Bjorks funbags too :wink: she does have some body paint on but it doesnt make up(ha ha) for the fact that you can still see her breasts.

It was shown on MTVE <–does that make a difference? not MTV2

Again, im not complaining. POWER TO MTV!

Erm… ah… link? To a clip?

Erm … ah … here. Click on “Snips & Bits” and select Video. Then select “Pagan Poetry.”
Ooops, now I see that cerebrum is actually talking about “Cocoon”, and the link above only has her videos through “Pagan Poetry.” Check it out though, because it’s a great song and a really cool video, even she weren’t showing her naughty bits (which she is :wink: ).

Dude! You can see her njorks!

I’m not quite sure what the OP is asking. Maybe the question is, “Why is MTV allowed to do this? Isn’t nudity on TV against the law or something?”

IF that’s the question, the answer is “no.” The FCC has no absolute bans on nudity, and many networks (including the big 3) show nudity in prime time, at least occasionally. So, legally, MTV is within its rights to show Bjork naked.

On the other hand, if the OP’s question is an aesthetic one… well, there’s no accounting for tastes, is there?

Alanis was essentially nude in “Thank You, India”. This isn’t terribly new.

Yes, but Alanis was ‘blurred out’. these aren’t. Perhaps the fact that the ‘cocoon’ comes out of her nipples made it kind of useless to blur.


All I can say is…“WOW!” :eek:

Very well done. Tasteful. Nice song.

I’d like to see more shots of her ass, but o well. :wink:

Just wanted to clear up a little misconception. The FCC only regulates over-the-air broadcasting, and has no jurisdiction over cable television.

So, cable tv can air anything they wish (case in point: the “sh*t” episode of South Park). However, they usually keep their programming “family friendly” in order to not upset their subscribers.

You have made Baby Jesus Cry.

Also, I Pissed Myself.

Thanks :smiley:

Wouldn’t you love to have sat in on the story conference when they sold that concept to Bjork?

[Swedish Chef]

Bjork bjork bjork!

[/Swedish Chef]

Yeah, but where’s her bjush?

Wasn’t Bjork one of Yog-Sothoth’s relations?

Did anyone else listen closely to the words of this song?

I assume that “MTVE” means “MTV Europe,” in which case it would not surprise me if they show Bjork’s nipples…Euro TV tends to be more lenient about those things. Does anyone know if they are showing that video in the States?