Why does my car's interior smell like ass?

And more importantly, how do I get rid of the smell?

Leather interior. Got rained on last summer. Dammit anyway. Now from time to time the car will just smell like, well, like a butt. This goes on for about a month or so and then it smells like a regular leather interior again, which is unpleasant in its own right, but socially acceptable.

I’m guessing some kind of fungal/bacterial/algal bloom of something that took hold when the interior got soaked, but any further clairification would be appreciated. And what short of giving the car a Lysol douche will eradicate this scourge?

Makes you wonder what part of the cow they got the leather from. Mooo!

Have you been transporting asses?
Most people are unaware that they actually place asses (wrapped, it’s true) directly on their car’s seats. It’s all about asses in seats.



Do you drive a Mercedes SL500? It seems that one of the complaints about the newer SL class cars is that the leather seems to give off a bad smell if exposed to the sun for long periods. How could they ever have noticed that little problem in a dedicated convertible? :slight_smile:

Ok, Inigo, time to fess up. Exactly how much farting goes on while you’re driving?

Gfactor’s links brought back memories. Years ago I had a huge dead dog in my car for a full day in high heat (don’t ask). I read every page on the internet that had anything to do with ridding a vehicle of odor. I spoke by phone with a guy who cleans cars that have had suicides in them (bullet + brains). I ended up trading the car in. Good luck.

There may be some suggestions in that old thread:

The air freshener in your car… is it shaped like a big pile of dookie or a pine tree?