Why does my computer keep trying to access my floppy drive?

It’s getting annoying.

Anyway the computer is a Win XP, with plenty of system resources.

I’ve been using the floppy drive to transfer some medium sized pictures. (about 100Kb). But I am finished now and am continuing to use the Internet. I’ve closed all of the files that I opened on the floppy, but now every five minutes or so the floppy drive will make that grinding/floppy accessing sound.

The only programs I have open are Mozilla, and a Zip file that exsists on my desktop. Neither of these programs should be accessing my Floppy.

How do I make it stop? Is it damaging?

Please help me, the sound is driving me nuts.

Do you still have the floppy disk in the drive? Take it out and see if that helps.

Do you have a virus scanner? Open it up and see if there’s a checkmark next to your floppy (A:) drive. It may be trying to scan it for viruses.