Why Does My Faucet Have a Screen?

My faucets in my home seem to invariably have screens on them. It’s almost as if it is trying to stop something from emerging from the tap. But what could possibly emerge from the tap? A baby alligator? A pebble?

FWIW the water where I live is pretty clean. So what is the screen for?


The screen is part of the aerator, and although it will obviously filter out any large enough particulates, its main purpose is not to filter but to help aerate the water stream for the reasons noted in the article.

You mean the kind of metal gauze bit? Those aren’t filters, they are aerators. They help to make the stream of water less splashy, and also reduce water usage while maintaining the sensation of high pressure.

They do also trap bits of rust and debris etc from the pipes, which means they can get blocked up over time.

Edit: they don’t stop ninjas, though.

Remove the aerator (if possible) and observe the water stream. You’ll go back to the aerator after seeing the other way.

So your teenaged son can screw it out of there and use it as a screen for his weed pipe.

Damn, I spend too much time on my computer and iPhone. I was wondering why a faucet needs it’s own screen. To display water temperature?

Then I read the OP.

I’d also add that they reduce the drop in pressure to other fixtures when used simultaneously.


What, you’ve never heard of streaming video?

I recall that in college, none of the dorm sinks ever had a screen for long

We have a winner!

Yup. It’s about all teenage sons are good for: screwing and burning weed

My workplace has a faucet without one. The water comes out clear, and with real pressure! I like it without the aerator.