What are the benefits of an aerator on the tap?

The aerator on my faucet eventually got gummed up with sediment. After removing it, the only difference I can discern is more water coming out and it comes out as a solid appearing column (no bubbles).

  • Should I get a new aerator?
  • Why are they so universal?



It prevents splashing.

I think it helps the taste as well for some people.

Any aerator will save water compared to the non aerated faucet. Some are “low flow”. The flow rate should be indicated on the aerator. I forget what constitutes low flow.

Not only do they save water by reducing flow, but the introduction of air increases the volume of the stream making it feel like there is more water coming out than there is. Thus, it may take longer to fill up a pot, but you will use less water when washing your hands without noticing the loss.

If the aerator is gummed up and the water is coming out in a solid stream, than it is likely also coming out at a slower velocity (even if the flow rate is the same), making it less easy to wash your hands.

On Edit: Oh, and a good way to clean them is by soaking for a while in vinegar and then scrubbing with an old toothbrush. Same goes for shower heads.

With the aerator gone, much more water comes out, but it doesn’t feel as much as it looks. This one has stuff pretty well jammed in it, so I guess I’ll get a new one. Thanks for your answers.