Why does my girlfriend spend so much time here

Now, that is a damned lie.
I once ate a foot long chili dog in the student union at 7:00 AM in hope that I would die and not have to take an Advanced Electronics final. I did not die, but I aced the test.
Those things are good for you!

No one else wants to know who “she” is???

Maybe the relationship is hurting for reasons completely unrelated to this website and she has come here for advice and support? It sounds to me as if you have some pretty serious communication and control issues! Lets also touch on the fact that she does not like you talking to her directly, and assume that is because you do not respect her or what she has to say (given your behavior on this website). Try listening more, speaking less, and choosing your words with great care and compassion, you may be surprised how far that will get you!

Wienerschnitzel chili dogs rock.

They rock harder than Jack In The Box tacos.

Tell your friend to stop asking so many damn questions. :smiley:

That crossed my mind, but it would probably be considered to be some stalking thing on the part of the curious.

I’m thinking that if the OP is genuine we’ll find out soon enough.

I’m voting it’s Shot From Guns.

This is true. Just this weekend my mom stuck a post-it on the fyer that said “clean me” and instead of arguing with Dad about him promising to do it and forgetting, he cleaned it and the stove. It’s a non-confrontational way to remind people about chores, that’s for sure. I’ll remember this when I get married.

That seems like a really good thing to speculate about.

Also this thread is almost certainly going to fix this relationship.

With absolutely no proof whatsoever, I say it’s Diosa.

With absolutely no proof whatsoever, myself, I think…

…you (both?) need to find a new writing style.

My vote, too, because the fireworks will be spectacular if it is. :smiley:

This is when I think that there are actually only four or five people posting here.
Am I the only person without multiple sock puppets?:dubious:


The OP is for real. He’s not a sock puppet.

I strongly suggest that posters refrain from openly suggesting that posters are trolls or sock puppets, at least in this forum.

If you have a concern, email a mod or hit the red triagle to report a post.

samclem, Moderator.

Does she make you say “yes, Mistress” when you do?

What’s a triagle?

Peter Lemongello rocks harder that Jack In The Box Tacos

Also, I understand how you can assure us someone is a sock puppet, but how can you assure us that someone’s not? I don’t get that. Couldn’t he be an especially skillful sock puppet?

It’s like a triage, except with more corners. And fewer dying people.