Why does my monitor turn off after 15 minutes?

I frequently watch videos on my computer that are around 21 or 22 minutes long, but I always have to get up after roughly 15 minutes and move the mouse because my monitor turns off. I have my screen saver disabled and my power schemes are set to “Always on.” What the hell is making my monitor turn off and how do I stop it?

This may not be an answer, but it may help you focus. The options screen where you have your power management settings set to “Always On” should have another dialog or two. These include Settings for Always-On power scheme (list of options), and Turn off monitor after (list of options). Have you set these appropriately?

yeah, it is annoying when you have to stop what you’re doing <wink, wink, nudge, nudge> to move the mouse, isn’t it? Your computer is telling you that you shouldn’t be watching that stuff and you should get back to doing something useful. Your eyesight will suffer too.

Seriously, some monitors have their own, independent, power saving mode. You might want to look at your specific model.