Why does my remote stop working sometimes?

Last night, I kept hitting various buttons and it affected my VCR/TV like I was pointing a soda botle at it. Nothing. Zip.

I changed the batteries. Nothing. I pointing at the sensor from every single conceivable angle. Nada.

I had planned to go get a Universal remote replacement today, but I was sitting in front of the unit and idly pointed the remote at it this morning. It worked perfectly.

Something like this sometimes occurs with my car alarm/opener remote, and I was told it was local interference (someone nearby was operating a device that sent out waves jamming that frequency, or something like that). Is that’s what’s going on here, do you think, or do I have a remote that’s on the fritz?

1: Possible light corrosion on battery contacts.

2: Wire attached to battery contacts is almost broken and is making intermittent contact.

Get a pencil eraser or an emery board and rub/scrape the battery contact points inside the remote housing. Blow our debris if any and see if situation improves.

I had one with a cold solder joint on the IR led, resoldered it and it worked fine.

You can test your tv remote with a didgital camera and a dark room. At least you will know it is lighting up.