Why does my search not work?

whever I try to search my hard drive for something, it doesn’t work. It brings up the search screen all well and dandy, but whenever I type something in and hit “search now” it never returns any results… no matter what. I don’t know why, and it’s really making me not happy right now. Thanks.:confused:

What exactly have you done and on what system (PC, Mac, Windows, OS??, etc.)?

Well, I have a bunch of MP3’s scattered around my computer in various places, and I was going to put them all in a single folder for easier use. When I did a search for *.mp3, nothing came up. I thought that was odd, so I did a search in a folder for something that I knew would come up, and nothing. Right now I am running Windows ME, if that helps.

The only thing I could find (quickly :slight_smile: ) in KB was this. Do you have TweakUI on your PC?

Thank you very much… that did the trick.