Why does my snoring keep my wife awake but not my dog?

I snore loudly. Yes I know I should get it checked out. I should also lose weight and exercise more but that’s neither here nor there. Why is it that my dog can sleep through my snoring but my wife can’t? Presumably my dog has better ears and can hear better than my wife can but she has no trouble sleeping through my snoring.

Any ideas?

How do you know your dog sleeps through your snoring? Presumably you are unable to observe her when you are snoring.

I have neighbors in my building that play their music LOUD and I mean all over the building loud, so you can hear it, in all 40 odd flats.

And guess what, their dog will be sitting in the middle the noise and the partying and he’s under the table sleeping.

When I was a kid I had a cat, and I’d be in my room playing a record a bit loud as kids will, and the cat is on the shelf sleeping. I know she was 'cause when I went over and petted her, she’d open her eyes and mew at me, as if to say, “Knock it off”

So the music is playing, the cat sleeping, and my mum would call the cat. She’d do that by hitting a high note. Up in the whistle register and the cat suddenly would perk up and run over.

The cat HATED those high notes. It must’ve bugged her a lot, as soon as my mum hit those screech notes, my cat would have to investigate.

So I think animals somehow can learn to tune out what they need to while still remaining alert for certain other types of noise

Yes, pets can sleep through loud noise. I play loud Industrial music on my laptop, and my cat cuddles up next to it because it’s warm. He has no trouble sleeping through the noise.

Also, does the dog sleep in the bed with you? That would make a difference.

General observation, I suppose. When I do wake up, the dog is sound asleep on the floor right next to me. I assume that she didn’t just immediately fall asleep when I awoke. Also, somewhat ironically, she barks in her sleep frequently and it wakes me up. I have to nudge her to get her to stop.

WAG she barks to get you to stop snoring?

Point of clarification: the dog, or your wife?

Maybe, as is often the case in these situations, your dog loves you more than your wife does?