Why does nose grease make DP foam reduce quicker?

Regarding the comments about Nutrasweet foam in Cecil’s column (http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a2_043.html), I have a question.

Why does the foam dissipate much, much more quickly when I rub my sweaty, oily nose a little, then place my nose-greased finger into the foam? Is there some sort of chemical reaction going on between the carbon dioxide and the nose grease? I drink a lot of Diet Dr Pepper and have used this trick hundreds of times to quicken my fill-ups.

Don’t believe this works? Try it.

The correct reference is My Nutrasweetened soft drinks make huge mounds of foam! What gives?

Sounds like a “mechanical” effect rather than a chemical reaction. I’m sure any kind of grease would have the same effect.

And I bet you don’t have to share beverages with your friends often.