Why does Saddam allow the US press to remain in Iraq?

I would think they would consider them spies or something. Why doesn’t he throw them out?

Saddam keeps much of the foreign press core on hand because they provide him with an obvious route for communicating/propagandizing to the outside world. After all, reporters actually in Iraq probable don’t dare to criticise the Iraqi regime.

Iraq also has complex monitoring schemes to handle these reporters and ensure they don’t come upon sensitive information. Because they are already the subject of American spy satellites, spy planes, UN weapons inspectors (ar at least, were), and intense US intelligence efforts, I guess Mr. Hussein views the foreign reporters as more of a benefit than weakness.

And he’s always accepting application for human shields…

Salary: $150,000 per year, paid by check annually from Iraqi treasury, health, dental, and vision benefits after 24 months.

Apply in person:

Human Shields Recruitment
Suite 313
Conquering the Great Satan Office Park
158 Baathist Ave.
Baghdad, Iraq