Human Shields So profound?I think not!

The self called Human Shields who are going to Iraq don’t seem to be the sharpest knives in the drawer. I’ve seen a couple of interviews with a man and a woman, and they DID NOT have a clue. If something happens to them their relatives will be the first to blame the US government for "not doing more’ and ‘how could you let them go’. The man said if the bombs start falling he and a few others are going to get out. Well what’s the point??? What is the POINT?!:dubious:

They had those interviews, didn’t they? Publiciity.

Okay, if they’re going to leave when the bombs start AND they’ve announced this on television (thus defeating any PR effect they may have hoped to achieve), WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY THERE FOR?!? This just makes them tourists, not human shields.

Maybe they thought seeing the sights in Baghdad would be more exciting than the camel tour of eighteen different kinds of Saudi Arabian sand that they had planned.

Human Shield: Oh no! The bombs are falling! I am SOOO outta here!

Saddam Hussein: Yeah, right. Let me introduce you to Mr. Hand Cuffs, and Mr. Leg Irons!

H.S.: But you can’t tie me to this Anti Aircraft Gun! I have Rights!

S.H.: Shut up, you.

And in the end they become SH’s hostages.

Darwin fodder. No loss.

If we implanted each of them with GPS chips we could use them to target missiles.

If I were an actual human shield (one of the people Saddam tried to hold hostage back in the other Gulf War) I’d be incensed at these people! Plus, it is highly counterproductive to their cause. This use of the “human shield” phrase just reminds a lot of people of what an asshole Saddam was and still is.