"You want me to chill where?" or The Great Human Shield Bailout

Pussies! :smiley:


Nice to see they have the courage of their convictions. :rolleyes:

That is just wonky. Those people are disgusting.

Eh, I don’t blame them too much. It’s not like anyone predicted that Iraq would choose where they would be stationed and force them to shield possible military targets.

Oh wait…

Just another case of Mother Nature weeding out the stupid.

The Iraqis are less critical of US bombing than the peace movement? That’s rich. The Iraqis know that the US doesn’t target civilians on purpose, too bad the message never got through to the folks over here with access to a free press.

Can we keep the hotel pens?

Hehe, schmucks!

I’m imagining these guys arriving in Iraq, stepping off the planes wearing straw hats, Hawaiian shirts and with noses freshly lathered with zinc oxide, carring pina coladas.

“Oy, we’re the human shields. Can you point us to the places we’re shielding? Just as long as they’ve got a Starbucks.”

<Iraqi official whispers in their ear>

“What? No Starbucks?”

<whispers in their ear again>
“WHAT? You think we’ll actually go to where the BOMBS are going to be coming down? Hell with that noise! C’mon, Murray, we’re leaving!”

Bunch of pansies. Strength of conviction indeed. Pfaugh.

[Nelson Munsch]

Ha-HA! (while pointing)

[/Nelson Munsch]

Left because it was too dangerous. Ho ho, that’s rich I’ll say! You’re friggin’ human shields! Shields don’t have emotions! Get back in there and point to where those important things are we want to blow up!

I think that’s hysterical, but I’m almost more amused by this link at the bottom of the page:

Is anybody able to read the article? I can’t get into the site to read it and I’ve gotta say, it has me curious.

WTF? Makes you wonder what their idea of “human shields” means to them. I thought it was the ultimate anti-war protest. Get back in there dammit!!!

What?! Over? Did you say over? NOTHING is over until WE decide it is! Was it over when the… Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?HELL, NO! And it aint over now! For when the goin’ gets tough,…the tough get going! Who’s with me!? LET’S GO! C’MON! OOOOOOOOOOOO!

Lisa tries to stop the war by volunteering the family as human shields, but they leave when Homer discovers that there is no Duff beer in Iraq. Flanders stays as a show of Christian and Muslim solidarity, and is vaporized.

I beg to differ. Nelson says “HAA-ha”. Emphasis on the first HA, not the second.

Didn’t a lot of them express the wish to stay in hospitals, schools, etc and so be shielding the average Iraqi, not weapons factories ? I can understand being prepared to be a civilian shield but not prepared to be a military installation shield, even if it’s not something I’d personally do. Or am I missing something ?

I’m with you, Goo. I can understand being a human shield for civilians but I’d be damned before I was a shield for military installations. I think they are demonstrating the strength of their convictions – they’re against military action whether it be US or Iraqi.

This is just about the least surprised I’ve been in my entire life.

This whole affair has been a farce.

No scratch that–it has been the stuff that farce is made from.

Foo. :stuck_out_tongue: