Why does seeing something cute make us tilt our heads?

If we see a particularly cute kitten, we tilt our heads. What’s the deal with that?

Maybe we tilt our heads so the glurge can drain out?

It proves we have something in common with dogs. :smiley:

When I say something to my dog, he tilts his head when he looks at me. Does this mean I’m cute? :wink:

When dogs do it it means: “I’m confused, wha the ***** are you talking about!”

I loved it when my dog did that!

She’d usually do it when my dad danced with himself…

And I mean ACTUALLY danced, perverts. :wink:

*sorry, the second I posted that I suddenly remembered the “hidden” meaning to that Billy Idol song…shudders :smack:

WAG; To see if the cute thing is as cute from a slightly different perspective.

I remember reading about this awhile ago. It turns out that it serves a purpose insofar as avoiding unneccessary conflict, since eye contact typically means a challenge to a lot of animals, and therefore the tilt signifies the nonviolent interests of the animal.

Just something interesting.

I don’t even tilt my head. I’m like . . :dubious: I may as well not even look. . the way she’s lookin’ back at me . . --> :eek:

In a course I did a while back the tutor reckoned it was something you do when you’re interested in something. I’ve noticed I do it when something is on TV that I’m particularly interested in.


I didn’t even think of that until you actually said it. You’re the perv! :wink:

What do you mean, “particularly” cute? All kittens are super cute. Even that one-eyed, earless, floppy-jawed one that everyone calls Wumpy. Soooo cute. :smiley: