Why does so much spam come from Brazil?

I mean, I can’t even read the stuff, even if I wanted it!

Perhaps that where the pround majestic spamelopes roam free? :smiley:

How do you know it comes from brazil? Is it from the sender address, or just in some unfamiliar language you assume to be Portuguse?

**a35362] ** wrote

I hate to be the one to tell you this but, in my experience, it is because no one with any authority here gives a damn. The legal process here is LONG and odious, so forget trying to do something legal about it, no one cares. The big service providers don’t allow it - to bad there is only two or three with reputations to protect. There are lots and lots of mom and pop ISPs here that don’t like the idea but all that means is the spammers money will go to a different ISP.
Mom and pop can’t afford to louse the revenue so they allow it, or at least, ignore it. This is true of hacking (except in some very high profile cases) and software piracy is a joke as well. You want a copy of windows office 2000 AND XP no problem, you can buy them from a street vendor right this very minute not 6 blocks from here for $4.25 US dollars, (that’s 15.00 Brazilian Reias at the moment), while talking to the nice police man standing next to you the whole time. The cop generally wont make an issue of it because no one gets hurt and he doesn’t want to spend 8 hours filling out paperwork over something that he probably doesn’t understand to begin with (unless we are talking about a truck load of falsified CDs). If the cop wants to make an issue of it the vendor just slips him $R50.00 bucks and that’s that. Another problem here is that the technical level of a most of computer users here (and there are not that many in relation to the rest of the population) stops at MS office. If a small company computer had a Trojan they probably wouldn’t know that some one was using their server to spam with until it was to late, and then to whom would they complain? The people at whatever ministry who handle stuff like this still think the fax machine is a pretty neat idea. :smack: