Why does someone choose to be a proctologist?

I’m serious. I can think of a few possibilities, but I wonder what the biggest reason is.

Is it possibly financial? Being a specialist probably pays better. Perhaps some of the overhead is cheaper too, I bet a proctologist doesn’t have to pay as much for malpractice insurance as someone who specializes in something that requires intrusive surgery or that can be very dangerous (i.e. ObGyn doctors have to pay a lot).

It’s just like anything else. Some people find the colon to be fascinating. They become proctologists. Not every part can be glamorous :slight_smile:


He has a fundamental interest in getting to the bottom of things!

Sometimes there are personal reasons for choosing specialties.

My OB/GYN decided on his specialty because his mother had many gynological problems (and pain) her whole life. She was misdiagnosed several times before she finally found a doctor who correctly diagnosed her with endometriosis. He wanted to make sure that other women didn’t have that problem.

I would think that a man whose father died of prostate cancer might decide to become a proctologist for similar reasons.

One proctologist told me it takes one to know one.

Wouldn’t a urologist treat someone with prostate cancer?

Or a mortician. Or a plumber. Or a sanitation engineer. Or (my favorite) a mathematician.


Some people go into medicine becasue of the money, most go into medicine because they want to help ill people recover and lead as normal and happy a life as possible. Almost all jobs in medicine involve some gross or disturbing aspects, and practitioners quickly become desensitised to it. Why not become a proctologist? People with rectal diseases have as much right to be treated as anyone else. If you see a good job advertised with a proctology team, or you know someone who has suffered from a relevant disease, or you really get on well with a proctologist and want to stay working with the same team of people, then why not pick that specialty instead of switching to another?

First of all, this is what they do according to Webster’s:
: a branch of medicine dealing with the structure and diseases of the anus, rectum, and sigmoid colon

So when you have issues with those things, its nice to be able to see a specialist. They aren’t all about butts, they have to know the whole body too & how it works.