Why does the Navy SEAL's father think ISIS will target them?

The father of the SEAL who claims to have killed Osama Bin Laden says he expects ISIS to put a target on his family. I though ISIS and al-Qaeda hated each other, wouldn’t ISIS give him a medal?

Whatever. The Mooslims.

They’re both the same flavor of Sunni Islam, though I don’t believe al Qaeda ever expressed a desire to establish a Caliphate, which is ISIS’ primary thing.

I don’t think you read the story at your link very carefully.

Emphasis added.

The SEAL and his father are in for a rude awakening. SEALS main advantage is operations planning and being on the offensive. They take the fight to the enemy.

The SEAL is at a major disadvantage sitting in his own house day after day. He’s a sitting duck. That never knows if or when an attack is coming. All the SEAL’s training is useless if he doesn’t know an attack is planned for that day.

It seems unlikely now that any terrorists would be sent over to the US just to take out this one guy. But, it’s hard to know what fanatics will do.

Well, there’s a difference between expecting and fearing. He did sound like maybe he thought it was imaginable, he just ain’t skeered.

In any case I think the OP point was more about ISIS vs. AQ, whether the former would have any particular feelings about the capping of the latter’s chief.

He imagined it after some journalist, looking for a way to fill space on the internet, asked him about it.

This is speculation on my part, but it could play a role also. During the surge in Iraq around 2006-2007, supposedly DEVGRU (SEAL team 6) did a lot of behind the scenes work assassinating leaders of the sunni insurgence movement.

I like to read books on tier one military units, and at least 2 books have both commented on this being part of the strategy (aside from the obvious military efforts by the US and Iraqi military). Tier one units were killing off terrorist leaders left and right during the surge.

So maybe it has something to do with that. DEVGRU was running around assassinating Sunni terrorists in 2006-2007, killing hundreds of terrorism leaders. If ISIS is just a new form of this sunni terror movement, maybe they are still pissed. Plus the whole Bin Laden thing probably didn’t help.

Well, he said neighbors asked him first. Regardless, you’re right, not really a story.