Why does the straight dope page do this?

Why does the straight dope page do this?

I’m running chrome, and this is the only site where it happens.

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FYI, I use Chrome, on Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1, and never saw this.

How often does that happen?

If you haven’t already, clear the cache and see if that helps.

That looks like whatever “View Source” is called in Chrome. Do you have anything in your menus that lets you display the HTML coding of a web page? If so, try toggling that option to see what happens.

This may be helpful:


The most helpful suggestions on it look to me to be to clear your browser cache, clear other data (I assume they mean cookies, which will mean that you will have to log in here again), and disable extensions that may be interfering with the page loading.

It only happens about twice a week. I have taken your advice and cleared the cache, so here’s hoping. Thanks