Why does the tanning bed make my skin smell like caramel?

On the few occasions that I’ve used a tanning bed, it’s left the faint smell of burnt sugar or caramel on my skin. It will stay until I wash it off.

Are you using a tanning product, lotion or other skin care item whilst using the tanning bed?


Lightly toasted, you are just a yummy girl. :slight_smile:

Back when I used to visit the tanning salons, I would always swear I smelled like a pina colada…very coconutty. And this would happen whether I used lotions or not.

I figure it’s because other people before you have used sprays and accelerants before you, and there is always going to be a residue on the bed…a good wiping down notwithstanding. And possibly, folks ahead of you might only give the bed a really quick wipe-off, thereby leaving more residue than they should. Ick.

That, or you eat way too many candy bars, and your sweat can now be used for dipping apples! :slight_smile:

Ugh. I don’t go very often, but when I do, all I get is a slaty, clammy hand smell.

You’re being Sautéed. Every good cook knows the caramelizing process.

mrs jjimm rented a tanning bed for a week, and the fuckers didn’t pick it up for 3 months. Naturally I was curious… it definitely made me smell weird. And that’s with no emolients or creams or the like. Like slightly musty clothing, or coconut that’s gone off.

It also made me itch like fuck, so I only went on it 6 or 7 times…

I think Padeye’s got it.
The light catalyzed Maillard reaction, between sugars and ammonia containing compounds in the skin creates a brown color. The same reaction is also responsible for turning heated sugar into caramel and giving it a yummy smell and flavor. Of course if you just want a tan, there’s no need to bake under sunlamps anymore.

You’ve cooked your insides. You have 27 days to live. Ann Landers said so.

So what is the problem here?

That you smell too good?

You and and I need to talk this over… over sunbeds!