Why Does the U.S. Military Hate America?

No link yet, but apparently the Army Times, Navy Times, Marine Corp Times and the Air Force Times are running an editorial calling for the firing of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

It is to run in Monday’s editions, one day before the national elections and less than a week after George Bush said that Rumsfeld would stay through the end of the Bush term.

This is an unbelievable slap to the face of Bush from the voice of the American soldier. They claim that Rumsfeld has lost the confidence of the military leadership, and needs to be replaced.

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity must be shitting their pants right now trying to figure out how to respond to this.

Pretty damn cool, if it’s true. Is there at least a link to whatever harbinger story must be out there?

I just heard it on Olbermann’s show, but no online news story yet.

I’m going to display my ignorance of the military. But are these as “official” or representative of the miltary as they sound?


Just confirming what I heard, but here you go.

Sweeet…but the Republicans are still going to sweep.

They are all part of the Army Times Publishing Company, which is owned by newspaper conglomerate Gannett.

They are privately held, and hold no official status at all, but they are widely read by the military and are distributed almost exclusively to military personnel.

Here’s a copy of the article:

Well, rather blindingly obvious analysis, but at least it’ll be widely distributed to, and hopefully read by, what must be the Republicans’ most core of core constituencies, besides the fundies (who answer to a higher power, of course, and don’t need to read the news).

higher power = gay prostitutes and/or drug dealers? :confused:

I dunno. Which one best describes James Dobson?

Well, Jeff Gannon wrote for a newspaper, so maybe they’ll read it after all.

The question should be why does Bushco hate America? Or why does Lamar Mundane hate America? :dubious:

And often can’t. Talk radio works for them for a reason.

This may not be a much of a big deal after all. According to this CNN story, this is the 2nd time the publication has called for his resignation.

I guess we all know what an impact it had the first time.

Can Congress remove a Cabinet member?

If so, the timing is suspicious and perhaps appropriate.

If the story has it right, the first time, the Army Times did not actually specifically call for Rumsfeld’s resignation or dismissal.

Interesting question… I’m not sure. But they can make his/her life miserable and essentialy force him out of office if they push hard enough on investigations. And Rumsfeld has to be pretty vulnerable. I couldn’t find any poll numbers, but he can’t have any higher numbers than Bush. Question is, who would take his place?

Every crime they commit under a rug?