why does the word "Labor" in Labor party not have a "u" in it, in Australia?

And England??

Why does “Labour” not have a “u” in it in America? And colour and flavour and savour, for that matter?

It is an odd thing. Australians generally spell it labour, but it’s the Australian Labor Party. So it’s not uncommon to see references to the labour movement’s influence on Labor. According to the ALP’s own page

There’s also the Progressive Labour Party.

Post-revolutionary nationalism from Noah Webster. He proposed many more changes that never caught on (eg “tung” for “tongue”).

It does. Why did you think otherwise?

The official Australian English is supposed to be the same as the English English, which means we have u’s in words like colour, labour and flavour and other things like s’s instead of z’s etc.
Of course not everyone follows this system formally, let alone informally, but naming a political party is a fairly important thing I would think, and I’m wondering if at the time they were trying to make some sort of anti-British statement, or what???
I’ve seen the British party spelt Labor in the papers here, but that looks like a mistake.


Me thinks you misunderstood the question.

The only time I have seen the British Labour Party’s names spelt “Labor” is in the American media. I guess a better question woul dbe why does the American media often miss-spell the name of a political party?

For the record, the British media often (but not always) refers to Donald Rumsfeld as the US Defense Secretary – cite and cite. In my opinion this pattern ought to be standard.

Well, Austrialia was founded as a penal colony.

The “U” was stolen. QED.