Why does Windows XP shut itself down all by itself?

Ok, I got this computer with Windows XP running on it and lately, whenever I print something on my HP DeskJet 722C, within a few minutes after printing, the computer reboots itself. Has anyone experienced anything like this? More importantly, does anyone know how to fix it?

Your HP software is causing a system error. Windows XP has an option for the system to auto-reboot whenever a system error occurs. To turn that option off, go to Start–>Control Panel–>
System–>Advanced–>Startup and Recovery–>Settings
–>System Failure. You’ll see a checkbox that says Automatically Reboot. Uncheck it and it won’t happen anymore. Tip: You might to reload your HP software or see if HP is offering an XP patch for it.



I’ve checked for patches and stuff. I think it might be conflicting with another software program but I can’t tell which one and I don’t feel like playing the install/uninstall game.

I’ll turn the autorestart option off.

Are you connected with a parallel port or USB cable? If it’s USB and your other USB ports are in use you might try parallel mode instead and see if it makes a difference. IIRC the 722 was noted for sometimes not playing nice with other USB devices if it had to share the port(s) you might also want to try completely uninstalling then re-installing the driver set. I think XP may come with native support for this printer.

Another recomendation for connecting via the parallel port if that is an option. I have seen lots of USB printer problems, maybe becaseu the printer is made to parallel printing port standards and has an adapter inside - I don’t know but know that printer manufactures have been using the parallel port for years and they have perfected it, USB is somewhat still a mystry to them.

I’d like to know what kind of computer this is.

The PC is a Compaq Presario, about 6 months old. Other than this, it’s worked perfectly. (I’m pretty sure its software related anyway with all the crap I put on it).

Printer is connected to the parallel port through a UMAX Astra 1220P scanner. I’m thinking that the scanner might be an issue since the driver is a little shady.