Windows shut down/reboot problem

I’m running XP and today out of the blue Windows shut itself down and automatically rebooted several times. Anyone have a clue to the source of this malfunction?

Overheating? Is it a laptop or a desktop?


Sounds like the power supply is bad. Could be a RAM problem as well.

OK thanks guys, I just put a new motherboard and ram in it about a month or two ago. I guess I’ll have to take it in to the tech that installed it.

If you go to Start - Settings - Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Event Viewer, do you see anything that points to a reason for shut down? I’ve had problems with video drivers that force a shutdown, and report it. But it’s not always reported.

And…does Event Viewer exist in XP Home? (not sure what version you have)

I’ve had a bad mouse cause that. Might be worth changing the mouse first.

PC repair shop guy checks in

What did you take it in for before…was this a repair or an upgrade? If you had a similar problems this may be the same problem misdiagnosed.

Many spontaneous reboots are IME actually a hard drive on the way out, motherboard/power issues tend to bluescreen from a driver or memory related error. Is there an audible click when it happens? IF so, betcha dollars to donuts you have a bad drive. If you are lucky a shop can image it onto a new drive fairly easily. If you can get to the event viewer, these types of problems will often report I/O errors on the logs if a hard drive is the culprit.

A nice shop may cut you a break on the new drive if this is the case.

Thanks again everyone. It’s XP Home. It was a repair which turned into an upgrade!! I did have a similar problem before but it quit rebooting after it shut down. I don’t recall a click though. I’ll mention this too my tech guy.