Why doesn't Bush use clips of Edwards dissing Kerry in the primaries?

It’s not a great debate but I couldn’t figure out where else to put it.

Surely there must be some good footage of Edwards during the primaries speaking of why Kerry isn’t the right man for the job. Has anything like this ever been done? I would think it would be pretty powerful. [ominous voice] Even his own vice president thinks he’s incapable of the job…[/ominous voice]

Two words for you, if this were to happen.

“voodoo economics”

Actually, I fully expect to see them before all is said and done. Whether or not they’ll have the intended result remains to be seen, though.

And I think that running “voodoo economics” as a rebuttal smacks of the sins of the father being visited on the son. And that’s not necessary when the son has sinned aplenty independent of his old man.


I didn’t mean it as a possible rebuttal against GWB, though. I was just giving an example of a relatively recent (well…in this context, I guess 25 years is relatively recent) instance of someone who criticized a fellow candidate’s qualifications in the primaries who later became the VP candidate for that same person.

If I remember correctly there was early speculation on Edwards VP chances because he quickly dropped direct attacks on sure-thing Kerry. The pickings might be slim, especially when only really critical/negative things would be useful. Otherwise it is easily played off as proper jousting for the nomination.

I didn’t mean it as a possible rebuttal against GWB, though.


Oh, well, never mind then. Y’see, this is the problem with two people from the same family being president: jayjay and I wind up miscommunicatering.

I told you we wanted ice SWANS, not ice SCHLONGS!

Not to mention that it cocks up my ability to code.

And jayjay: heh

I really don’t recall Edwards dissing anybody in the Primaries. It was as if he was running for Vice President, which was probably the most realistic expectation for him. If Kerry is elected Edwards will still be relatively young and with much better credentials and photo ops after eight years.

The principle of Mutually Assured Destruction applies to more than just nuclear war, you know.

I would think it’s harder to get a clip of Cheney criticizing Bush. He never ran against him and he isn’t exactly a publicity hound.

This is actually a pretty good debate topic. I’ve always wondered why there wasn’t more fallout after a primary, or in Canada a leadership convention.

It wouldn’t just be footage of Edwards dissing Kerry, it could be all 12(?) Democratic candidates dissing every other Democratic candidate. In theory there should be TONS of footage, quotes, and soundbites to choose from.

My WAG as to a direct answer is that the really juicy footage is some how owned by the DNC and therefore the GOP wouldn’t be able to use it.

Edwards ran a positive campaign, and did not attack any of his fellow Democrats. His attacks reserved for the Bush administration.

The closest Edwards came to attacking Kerry was after a long-winded Kerry reply to a debate question, when Edwards said “That’s the longest answer I’ve ever heard to a yes-or-no question,” and even then he was only criticizing Kerry’s campaign style.

They might have to go through the backdoor- get clips of Cheney criticizing Kerry on stances he shares with Bush. :slight_smile: However, I think Brutus might be referring to candidates generally acting cozy during the nom process. Though that conflicts with my memory.

It doesn’t have to be limited to Edwards — I’m sure Dean screamed a few anti-kerryisms during his campaign for the nomination. Do an ad showing a side by side – showing what Dean said then and what Dean says now. Do the same ad for others who campaigned against Kerry but support him now. Tie that in with the flip-flop theme.

But how about whoever runs in 2008? Or 2012? There will be another contested Republican primary at some point, so there is little to be gained from starting to use primary footage in ads. Turnabout could get nasty for all parties on that one.

That’s politics as usual; I don’t think even American voters are that stupid.

To reiterate an answer to the OP: Edwards made a point of running a clean primary; it enabled him to capture the “nice vote” while letting his rivals thin each other out (starting with Gephardt and Dean). It worked well until the field thinned enough that Edwards actually had to start calling out his opponents, and by the time he needed to mount a serious challenge to Kerry, it was too late; he had no message to build on. He who lives by the ploughshare …

Well Kerry did briefly have an ad in which John McCain was telling Bush he should be ashamed of himself before McCain asked him to pull it. Certainly it would be a very dangerous tit for tat.

True, but this same argument applied in the past to other negative campaign tactics. It might only take one candidate to turn up the heat before it becomes standard practice.