Why doesn't shift+del work every time?

Here’s one for the windows cognoscenti. When I delete files from my win98, or winNT pc, if I only push delete, the files are moved to the recycling bin. That’s honky dory. However, if I hold shift while pressing delete, the file is suppossed to bypass recycling and move directly to the hard drive’s landfill or offshore dumping program.

The problem is that almost invariably, the first shift+del results in a prompt asking if I wish files to be moved to the confounded recycling bin. I say no, push shift+del again and usually (but not always) get a prompt asking if I’d like to permanently delete these files. Emphatically, I press enter and the files satisfyingly vanish.

Sometimes this typical pattern doesn’t hold. Occasionally (far too occasionally) shift+del results in a bin-bypassing delete the very first time. Yay! But somewhat more often, shift+del fails to produce the desired bin-bypass on the first, second, and third tries. Usually, it works eventually, but I recently had a file that no matter how many times I shift+deleted, it still insisted on being sent to the recycling bin. So I sent it there, immediately withdrew the funding for the recycling program, had the contents of the recycling bin incinerated, and then dumped the toxic ash into my PCs protected wetlands files.

Why does the first recycling bin bypassing shift+del command usually fail? It’s not some peculiarity of my keyboard since I observe this on other PCs. And it’s not a Win98 thing since it happens in WinNT as well.

“the first shift+del results in a prompt”

If you don’t want that prompt, rightclick on the recycling bin, select properties & set them for each drive. There should be an option to delete quickly. There might be another option somewhere for specifying no confirmation prompt. I forgot where that one is.

Thanks for your reply, handy. But I can live with the prompt. What drives me nuts is that when I shift+del delete files, the prompt is for transferring these files to the recycling bin not permanantly deleting them.

One more thing. I don’t want to set a global parameter to bypass the recycling bin on my PC. Most of the time, like any good citizen, I recycle. But sometimes, when deleting a file that is totally useless, I want to send it to hell using the shift+del command.

I don’t have a solution to your problem, but I too experience this frustration every time I use Windows. So I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong; I think shift-del is just plain buggy and has always been.

My solution was to stop using windows. YMMV.

Same problem. No known fix thatI am aware of.

Thanks to PC this is off my list of window’s gripes. To get shift+del to work every time, press the keys, but hold the shift key depressed UNTIL the dialog box pops up. The prompt will ask if you wish to permanently delete you file(s) every time.