Why doesn't the New York Times cover the race riots in Tel Aviv?

This is reported in the UK’s left leaning Guardian. But it doesn’t appear to have attracted any coverage in the New York Times or other US newspapers? :confused:

Stop speaking in code and say what you really mean.

Americans don’t care as much about foreign affairs as many other countries do.

They have:


I’m not sure. Is it because they are biased in favor of Israel? Is it because they support Netanyahu, but can’t say so because it would contradict their position on immigration generally?

How do you explain it?

Cheers. I now see the WaPo have reported the recent attacks too. So maybe just LA Times out of the major papers that have ignored it.

Is this supposed to be in the Pit? You seem to be offering some sort of veiled rant against the liberal/lamestream/mainstream media.

Can we ever have an Israel related thread without feeling suspicious of everyone and walking on eggshells.

Not when it’s posted by Chen019.

It was on NPR the other day. Does that count?

Come for the antisemitism, stay for the racism!

Maybe it’s because it’s a big world, and while the riot was major local news (above the fold in every newspaper in Israel), it just wasn’t that large as these things go - I live about a 20-minute walk away, and I didn’t even hear about it until the following day. I know that Jews are News, but that doesn’t mean that everything that happens here is automatically a major global news event.

I mean, sheesh.

That’s his entire modus operandi.