Terrorist attack in Israel gets little coverage and condemnation

Why does this terrorist attack in Israel get so little coverage compared to other attacks? Even when the only person injured is a suicide bomber it will be a top story on CNN, FoxNews, and Yahoo. But when the terrorist attack is not by a Muslim and against homosexauls and there is next to no coverage.


I suspect that this isn’t getting world coverage because it isn’t related to the Arab-Israeli conflict – so it isn’t “sexy” enough (“Gay rights in Israel? Meh…”)

I can, however, assure you that this has become a huge item here in Israel, sharing the front pages only with the latest skirmishes between the IDF and the hard-line settlers in Gaza.


A little hole in your theory.

Well, if you search for Jerusalem gay pride in yahoo news, you get links to a lot of places covering it:


But as to why it doesn’t get more attention, I don’t know. Partly it’s because violence against gays doesn’t tend to get much attention, and partly because, for the world press, I think, Israeli news=Israeli vs. Palestinian conflict…that’s really the only news regarding Israel that tends to get world attention.

Your premise seems flawed. It’s a lone nutcase in a country 10000 miles away and yet it’s still in the US news and has already engendered at least one thread in the Pit. How much more coverage is justified? Is it part of a continuing trend? Did the attacker belong to an organization that’s liable to sponsor future attacks?

How severe an incident was this in comparison to the average suicide bomber attack? Is this an isolated incident, or a string of co-ordinated attacks on gays? What is the precise level of importance that editors worldwide should give this story, in comparison to any other story moved on the wires today? Why do some editors not read my mind and give exactly the same weight to a particular story that I do?

These are a few questions the OP may wish to consider before continuing with this most excellent Pit thread.

For the record, I think it was a despicable act, but I don’t necessarily see why a majority of, say, Houston Chronicle readers would be demanding lead coverage of this.