Why is the AP ignoring terrorist attacks in Israel?

Why did the AP leave off attacks on Israel? Does this show the AP doesn’t consider attacks on Israel to be terrorist attacks?

I think what the AP meant to say was international Islamic terrorism. Attacks on Israel are domestic terrorism. Sloppy reporting, but not malicious.

Apparent the wnd writer doesn’t understand his own quotes:

He says:
“It notes Islamic terrorism all over the world since 1998, but completely disregards all such terrorism directed at the citizens of one country and one country only – Israel.”

From the AP article and quoted in his article:
“Suicide bombers kill 12 people at an Israeli-owned beach hotel in Kenya and two missiles narrowly miss an airliner carrying Israelis.”

Also note that AP article doesn’t list Islamic terrorist attacks against Russia and India. It seems to exclude terrorists connected to regional disputes like Palestine, Chechnya and Kashmir. That may be why it lists the attack on Israeli targets in Kenya but not those commited by Palestinians in Israel.

IOW this is yet another whine about supposed anti-Israel bias which has no basis in fact.

I thought Israel was occupying the area known as Palestine since Israel never annexed the territory? Wouldn’t this make the terrorists from occupied foreign territory? Thus making it international terrorism.

I was thinking that to, but the AP is not a news source I would consider to be biased against Israel. So they probably maintain a neutral position on the status of the Occupied Territories for the time being.

If the PLO returns to attacking Western targets outside of Palestine, or if Al Qaeda attacks Israeli targets within Israel proper, it will probably be considered international terrorism, since Al Qaeda is not Palestinian.

It’s not as if Israel is being ignored by the news in the US in any case.

No kidding, not in the US, not worldwide. For some reason, the world is fascinated by Jews. Jews is news.

The list misses out the actions of terror groups worldwide, not just in Israel.

The AP clearly only means Al Qaeda and Islamist affiliates. I would prefer they used this term rather than just “terror”.

What is highlighted by this list is an incomplete definition of “terror”, and it’s not just the US news media that’s guilty of this, but the US government (if the search function were working, I’d point you to an old december thread where he has the same complaint about the State Department, IIRC).

The omission is the same reason that when GWB declared his War on Terror and all the “we will chase them down wherever they may be”, many non-US people (including me) were asking rhetorically whether the B52s were going to start raining bombs down on Belfast.

The Palestinian terror groups, despite the religion of most of the perpetrators, are in a different “war” to Al Qaeda.

Hmmm. Are they? If you follow the money trail are they being supported and fostered by different means, or are they both different heads of the same hydra, all supported by the same people who percieve both Israel and American interests as encroachments of Western secularism into what was once upon a time Islamic hegemony and/or see them as convienent place to deflect anger to (as opposed to being directed at their own oppressive governments)?

Why don’t you tell us?

How much money does it take to blow yourself up anyway?

I don’t tell you because I don’t really know all the facts. I do know that a lion’s share of funding for both Hamas and Al Qaeda comes from Saudi Arabian nationals. (Cites available upon request :)) But overlapping funding sources isn’t enough to prove my speculation. I truely wonder what others think.

How much money does it take to buy a few box cutters and hijack a plane or so? The box cutter was cheap. The infrastructure to make it happen runs through some money. For Hamas, for Al Qaeda, for all of that ilk.

Um… what do you mean “perceive” Israel and American interests as encroachements into an Islamic hegemony? They are. How else do you describe the creation of a state that pushed a native people out of its own homes? While I do not agree with terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians, you have to agree that the nature and texture of the conflict in Israel is quite different from the one Al Qaeda is waging.

Of course there occasionally is some kind of crossover - the IRA got weapons and training from Qadafi - but that really doesn’t mean they’re fighting the same war as each other.