Jerusalem Pride marchers pelted with piss and shit; three stabbed

Imagine the gonads it must take to hold your head high and march through those gangs of twisted sons of bitches. A pox on 'em. Feh.

Wow. Gay pride marching through Jerusalem. That is AWESOME. I’m astounded by the sheer guts that took.

Next year in Jer… uh… Atlanta!

I admire their guts more than I do their common sense, I fear. They’re marching to proclaim their pride in what fanatics of all three Abrahamic religions consider an abomination on the millennia old streets of the city fanatics of all three Abrahamic religions consider either the or one of the most sacred sites on Earth, one worth killing or dying to posess and protect. There have been 40 wars (that’s wars, not battles) and hundreds-of-thousands (if not millions) killed to defend that “City of Peace” from “desecration”- they should count their blessings it wasn’t worse. (This is no way means I side with the protestors, merely that I don’t think the time is yet come for a pride march.)

I remember a few years ago when several rabbis became incensed at the inclusion of homosexual victims in the Holocaust Museum and other Holocaust memorials, and at that Israel’s decades ahead of its neighbors on social issues. I think Saladin’s final lines in Kingdom of Heaven were some of the best on the Middle East situation of any movie.

I understand what you meant. The way I see it, though, when the time is not yet come for a pride march, that is the most essential time to have a pride march.

In the article, it says some of the protestors carried signs saying “People with AIDS belong in hospitals”
Wow, that’s probably the most compassionate sounding anti-gay sign ever. They’re actually advocating health care for people with AIDS.

It seems backward to me that they feel gay people are defiling the city yet have no problem flinging shit all over it.
Also, I keep thinking that the fact that Christians, Jews, and Muslims are teaming up against gay people says something about them, but I can’t figure out what.

You can have my place on the floats. ;j

I have to add that I’m not a huge believer in the political benefits of Pride Marches. The ones I’ve been to (Atlanta, B’ham, D.C., Charleston) have all been essentially street parties, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. They’re fun, they’re colorful, they’re a great “Fuck you!” to “those who would subdue us”, but that’s about all they are.

True change and acceptance is achieved through legislation and dialogue, not trinkets thrown by guys dressed like Dorothy and the Tin Man, the exception being the Middle East where it’s achieved by airstrikes, hostile takeovers, alliances with rich heavily armed western nations and lots and lots of guns. If my gay brethren are willing to risk their lives to be “here, queer and kosher” then I most certainly applaud them, but if any of my gay Jewish friends wanted to go join them I’d personally call the airline to report that they’re smuggling anthrax laden condoms and should be detained long enough for a complete stomach purge and week long follow up. Rick Santorum I’ll meet on any podium any date anywhere and even pay my own expenses, but a guy with an Uzi who’s convinced he’s doing the will of God… not so much.

In the times and places I’m referring to, pride marches have most often taken the character of protests, not merely parties. (Being Queer, of course, our protests are usually rather campy, but still.) For a similar example, check the recent march in Warsaw.

Even when I was in Madrid in 2002, where life is good and the atmosphere was unquestionably “party!”, the march was followed by a very loud political rally, which impressed the pants off of me. These are people fighting for more than just the right to party… important as that is.

Ugh. This stry is headline news, here. Our fundies can be just as nasty as yours, it seems, and I’m pretty sure the J-lem esablishment didn’t help - mayor Lupolianski is ultra-Orthodox himself, and he’s been trying to sabotage the march since inception.

Still, I think we should commend the courts who forced the city hall to allow it to happen (and to shoulder some of the costs) and of course the brave men and women who risked so much to expres themselves. I’d also like to note yet again that Jerusalem isn’t all of Israel:

It’s too bad David and Jonathan weren’t there to march with them.

Or for christians, how about Saints Boris and George the Hungarian?

For jews, Ruth and Naomi? She sure as hell gave one heck of a vow of fidelity.

Isn’t it beautiful when religions come together? :dubious:

Weeeeelllll…Ben Yehuda St. isn’t exactly a millennia old street. It’s the pedestrian mall in the New City. It’s not like the marchers were walking through the Old City. The restaurants and cafes of Ben Yehuda aren’t really a sacred site. Jerusalem is more conservative than Tel Aviv (okay, that’s a gigantic understatement) but it’s not like everyone goes around in burqas and sheitls.

Someone got stabbed? Holy fuck! What the hell is wrong with people?

Aren’t these the same idiots who throw stones and attack cars (and occupants) driving through their neighbourhoods on the sabbath?

A pox indeed, but I hope the Pride Marchers weren’t expecting to be welcomed with open arms.

No, those were ;j s only. This might include them in the numbers, but it also included christians and muslims. Like others have said, religious people are discarding their differences and learning to work together.

Yeah. Thank goodness the Kremlin was a religion-free zone. There could have been blood baths or something.

You could say the Kremlin had a religion. They just didn’t call it that.

Why would they want to? :confused:

For the same reason Jesus would want to — they understand that God is love.

Same same for Scott Plaid. :wink:

or maybe “same goes for” However, I claim that I am a better person in spite of religion. There have already been one million and one "good people who are atheists are not religious, no matter how much you claim they are>’ threads. While I appreciate the compliment, starting one here would be a hijack. Revisit one of your old one if you wish, however.

'k. I thought you were about to start claiming that David and Jonathan were QAF, which is highly debatable.

I share the outrage at anyone who would throw piss and shit at, and knife, non-violent marchers, in case anyone’s wondering.