Bigots tick me off!

You know, today is a beautiful day in NYC, sunny but not humid, the kind of day that brings a smile even to my curmudgeonly face. So after getting a paper and breakfast, I go back to the apartment, do some tidying up, pay some bills, and grab a few clubs to go to the driving range.

And right around the corner are about a dozen anti-gay demonstrators. Fred Phelps’ organization, GodHatesFags, or whatever the heck he calls it, was demonstrating against the fact that the Stonewall Tavern was named a national landmark. “Gays can’t repent,” “Sinners Die” the whole hate-filled smorgasbord of garbage. Even had a sign implying that Matthew Shepherd had it coming.

There were only a dozen of them, and about 200 counter-demonstrators (including me, as soon as I figured out it wasn’t a movie shoot). But it pissed me off! Damn did it piss me off!

Since the NYC police would have objected to me using my 5-iron on them, I’ve decided to rant here.

Go back to Kansas, you vile bringers of hatred and ugliness! If by some razor-thin chance you are right about how God views people, than God can kiss my ass! Go spread your hate among your science-challenged brethren back in Topeka. No wonder Brown v. Board came out of your backwards state, you proofs that evolution isn’t universal! Keep it out of my neighborhood! Go see Cats like normal tourists!

You spineless insults to humanity wouldn’t have lasted 10 seconds without the NYPD. The actual counter-demonstrators would not have hurt you, because they are experienced at this and advocate non-violence. But about a dozen passers-by and me would have. That’s right, I was perfectly willing to ruin a nearly-new golf club just to make your faces look as ugly as your hearts!

And Fred Phelps wasn’t even there! If the people I asked were correct, it’s because he’s too sick with some horrible disease. Good! Die slowly in excruciating pain, you sicko!

Thank you.

Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

If Fred Phelps dies, I am going to find every homosexual in Lakewood, Ohio (and there are more than a few) and picket his funeral so fucking fast his sickening followers won’t know what hit them.

Right on, Manhattan!

That goes for all you piece-of-shit bastards who think you’re better than someone because you’re white, straight, God-fearin’ and male. Fuck all y’all! I get so sick of hearing that “we should just haul all the (blacks/gays/Jews/whatever) out to an island and burn 'em up!” Maybe the rest of us, you know, the more evolved and intelligent members of the human RACE, should do that to you. Only we wouldn’t burn you. We’d cart over crates of mosquitos and you could all suffer the itching and scratching and each others stupid hatred and bickering and demonstrating until you just couldn’t stand it anymore and then you’d end up killing yourselves off. FUCKING FABULOUS!!!

Piss off and choke on your own bile, you dick-brained morons.

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

Cool it Christ, I’m white, I’m male, I’m straight, I’m God fearing, and I think those guys are assholes. I get furious when I see those people doing it in the name of God. But watch that you don’t turn into them. It’s easy to denounce them, but it’s difficult to accept them the way you feel they should accept everyone else.

“There are many sweeping generalizations that are always true” -Space Ghost

You know what? To Hell with accepting them. If they quietly sat in their undereducated, inbred households and privately believed whatever misguided, hateful garbage their little tiny hearts told them to, I could live with it. I don’t even care if they believe that some behavior or another offends their evil notion of God.

But when they come by my neighborhood and accuse my neighbors of starting AIDS, when they put up signs instructing me to hate my neighbors, when they stand outside of a neighborhood tavern and spew their vile chants, when they see the murder a young man as a boon of some sort, I say to Hell with them. They want hate, I got it in excess! They want a war? I’ll win!

I hope each and every one of the participants in today’s exercise in bigotry gets encephalitis. Further, I hope they get a few spare mosquito eggs in their luggage and give encephalitis to each and every one of their fellow-travelers.

In fact, what hotel are they staying at?

Phelps’ bunch was up in Ottawa a couple of weeks ago, burning the Canadian flag because the government decided to give benefits to same-sex couples.

Phelps, mind your own business!

I can’t believe Phelps has been allowed to breed! They should have sterilized him after he was lobotomized.

I prefer rogues to imbeciles because they sometimes take a rest.
Alexandre Dumas the Younger (1824-1895)

Ah, but do you think you are superiour to someone who does not claim (or is not able to) one or more of those particular features? No. That is why you, and others like you, were not included in my rant, which specifically said:

“That goes for all you piece-of-shit bastards who think you’re better than someone because you’re white, straight, God-fearin’ and male.”

BTW, I’ll forgive your mistake in addressing me as “Christ”. True, that is half my name, but “Chris” (or “Bitch”, if you’re so inclined) will do just fine.

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

Oops, didn’t even realize that I spelled that wrong.

“There are many sweeping generalizations that are always true” -Space Ghost

Phelps has ceased to annoy me. He now amuses me. This is because he and all of his family will eventually be dead. But there will always be gays and lesbians.

He’s my favourite argument in favour of free speech. The freer he can speak, the more of an asshole he will be perceived as.

Mr. Phelps, if you are reading this, I just want you to know that God loves you, even though you break people’s hearts, persecute the downtrodden, and offend Him with your presumptuous and erroneous assumptions. I personally don’t believe that homosexual behavior is right, but I would be HORRIFIED if someone picketed my relative’s funeral just because he had a weakness in that area. Might as well picket a person for having been sexually abused as a child, IMHO. I can see your new web site now: . Or maybe just www.godhateseveryonewhoisn’

To the originator of this topic, Manhatan.( sorry for the possible spelling error)

I am also sorry for the rage and hatred that you feel. Do you honestly believe that YOU are the only person whose person/ideology is denounced and persecuted? Welcome the the United States 20th century.
Get over it. As long as you support a so-called “alternative life-style” you and yours will be disciminated against. It is a part of life. Rage and violence is never the answer. Look back in our country’s history and you will find out other groups who were as persecuted as you feel you are. However, with perseverence, adaptability, and NOT violence, anger and rage, society has made changes. Assimilation, my friend is the key. Fit in, don’t make such a big show of your orientation. THAT is what pisses people off! I, as a(n) heterosexual do not live my life because of my sexual orientation. If you insist on doing so, then you are opening yourself up for a world of trouble.

You know what, Ursula? I’ll say this as clearly as I think I can. Eat My Shorts.

First, FTR and not that it matters, I am what is called “straight but not narrow.” This is among the first of many incorrect assumptions you make in your post.

Second, as I *** said in my friggin’ post *** I don’t care if the undereducated, narrow-minded bigots choose to hate in the privacy of their evil inbred homes. What pissed me off was the display of hatred, especially across the street from a place recognized as the site of the birth of the gay rights movement.

Third, there are lots of people who are good at the whole “perseverance, adaptability” thing. Most of the counter-protestors were among them. Not me. My preference is reason and non-violence, but I don’t limit myself. I can (and will) answer hate with hate and violence with violence. And I’m better at it.

Fourth, assimilation can kiss my ass in Macy’s window. In East Backwater, Kansas it may make sense for some sop to assimilation (or at least deference to local customs) at the very beginning, but only as a tactic. These throwbacks were in Greenwich Village! For them, it was an away game! Assimilation is their job, not mine. There is no more “big show” of gay orientation in the Village than there is of straight orientation in any mall in the country.

Fifth, no one I have ever met lives his/her “life because of (one’s) sexual orientation.” But when a bunch of alleged people come and wish violence on my neighbors because of that orientation, I’m sure as hell going to call them on it.

Sixth, these cowards, as I stated in my OP, were there protesting solely because of our wonderful Constitution and the protections it affords, which, despite my vitriol, I support. Matt_mcl’s view was more representative at the counter-protest than was mine, and at the end of the day they were right. But Fred and his fellow-travelers might be interested to know that not all “liberals” favor gun control. You know what I’m saying?

Seventh, “manhattan” is the name of a relatively large borough in the City of New York. Learn to spell it our skulk out of your college town. Or at least cut and paste. You also missed “discriminated,” “perseverance” and a double “the.”

Finally, you say that I’m “opening (myself) up for a world of trouble.” Bring it on. Combined, my friends and I possess the intellectual, legal and physical firepower to win.

them be fightin words =D

you talk really tough and i dont really disagree with you but i think you should chill, you arent the toughest person on earth.

i might not agree with a gay persons life style but these people are nice peaceful citizens…they might go to hell but thats their problem and i always treat them with the upmost respect. I keep my beliefs to those who actually give a rats ass and i never press it on anybody…there are so many problems on this planet and if hatred for a gay person or a persons ethnic backround wasnt around things would be a lot easier…these people (gay bashers) would rather sit next to a serial killer than a gay person it seems. A serial killer can be a born again christian but a gay person aint forgiven? FUCK YOU!

We all know about the Jenny Jones incident. That showed that for some people, it is worse to be thought of as gay than to be known as being a murderer.

I think Freud is an asshole, but when he sprouted on (and I think it was him who said this) about how homophobic folks are almost always simply repressing gay thoughts in their own head, and a self-loathing of this makes them go to extremes, I have to hope him right.

The thought that Phelps secretly desires showtunes and interior decorating makes me smile!

Yer pal,

Satan, you are right . It was Freud who made that claim. In fact he invented the concept of repression. But that dork was wrong about practically everything, so your hope has little hope of being the reality. Pity.

Why do we call them “homophobes”, anyway? It’s such a long word. What’s wrong with “morons”, “cretins”, or even “scum”?
Less chance of misspelling and just as accurate, doncha think?

Don’t even consider Neanderthals. You have to capitilize it, and I wouldn’t give the assholes the honor.

BTW, I’m white and straight. Big fucking deal! (I’m not afraid of God, though. I’ll take him on, any time, any place. That goes for his kid, too).

You are unique - Just like everyone else.

Wally, I gotta disagree with you re “homophobes” – calling them ‘scum’, etc., really isn’t more accurate; I’ve encountered scads of scumbags, etc., who still weren’t homophobes. Actually, etymologically, the neologism means “fearful of man/men”, and I guess you could technically apply that to a lot of women (and refer to a lot of guys as ‘gynephobes’ or ‘femmephobes’), but that’s another thread)). But as a linguistic ‘shorthand’, I think it’s about the best we’ll do.

P.S. == Ursula, to say that ‘rage and violence is never the answer’ is to be simpleminded. They are always an answer, just not necessarily the best. I’ve long subscribed to Eugene V. Debs admonition,(paraphrased though): “Whenever injustice or repression are encountered, the only polite from of response is attack.”

P.P.S. - Manhattan: May I suggest, a sand wedge, rather than a five iron? And, don’t forget your oldest, most split and rough-cut shagging balls, either – perfect for ramming up the rectum and highly instructive!

Is that a promise or a threat? This is the statement of a true ignoramus.

Too bad the people who agree with what you said above don’t know that. Witness much gay-on-straight violence lately? I sure haven’t.

Yeah! How dare homosexuals want to kiss each other or hold hands in public like straight people do? Or keep pictures of their partners on their desks at work? How ostentatious! Who the hell do they think they are?

Tell me, Ursula, if you threw a party for all your co-workers, and invited their spouses/significant others, and someone showed up with a same-sex partner, would you consider that “flaunting their orientation”? Would you let them stay?

Neither do they, mostly, but I bet you do more than you think you do.

Is that a promise or a threat?

Could you break that down for us?


Now, now, Rich. Just because anyone with a smattering of Greek knows that homophobe means “fear of milk mixed with cream,” you don’t have to call him out on it.

(For the dictionary impaired: homo (as in Homo sapiens) is Latin for “man” ; homo (as in homogeneity) is Greek for “same.” Since -phobe is from the Greek for “fear,” we generally use Greek stems to indicate what we fear: ailuraphobia, not feliphobia or cattusphobia. Exceptions to the rule against mixing Greek and Latin tend to be examples of horror in their own right: e.g., tele-vision.)


Kryptonite, who really ought to be doing homework, sez:

True. But I’m plenty tough. And mean. And if necessary, I have plenty of help.

Kryptonite further opined:

If so, I want to join them. I refuse to associate with a God who thinks that way.

And further self-contradicted:

Except on a message board with thousands of readers, I suppose. Oh well, thanks at least for showing civility in more traditional public forums and for your excellent analogy. I’ll return the favor. There are “shift” keys conveniently located next to the “z” and the question mark.

Dif suggests:

Indeed. But practical problems arise. First, my wedge is a brand new Cleveland non-chromed (try it - best extra $20 I’ve ever spent!), while my irons are just last year’s crappy Nicklaus Air-Bears. Gotta conserve the dough, ya know! Second, I’m afraid that the loft on the wedge would sever an artery, delivering death before much suffering can set in. Finally, with my slice I’d probably hit a counter-protester. Gotta work on that… :wink:

PLDennison posts with a masterpiece, and I respond: Damn, it’s good to have the experienced flamers down here with me.

Finally, my attorney sez:

He lurks. Who knew?

So for the record, my comment that “not all ‘liberals’ favor gun control” and the five-iron thing were general observation, do not necessarily apply to your humble poster, and for all people I know would become operative only in response to a specific threat of specifically imminent specific violence. Happy now?