Why doesn't WalMart carry real margarine?

I cannot, usually, say enough good about WalMart, but, I am confused: Why do they not carry margarine? I mean the real stuff, not Country Crock’s ‘Margarine Spread’ or some such clones of that. I love margarine, ten times more than butter! And WM doesn’t carry it. At least not in any here in town, and I think there are about 10-20 of them here.

What, like Imperial and Blue Bonnet? They all do here.

Is anybody else puzzled by the term “real” margarine? You mean your Wal-Mart carries fake emulsified vegetable oil?

I’ve seen that stuff and it’s disgusting. I hear they use bovine mammary secretions to make it.

Maybe he means ones like “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” which have a little bit of buttermilk?

Still, Country Crock IS “real margarine”, so I don’t know what he’s talking about there.

Interesting re margarine

Umm… that’s butter, made from bovine mammary secretions. Margarine is hydrogenated oil, kinda like plastic.

I’m more puzzled by “I cannot, usually, say enough good about WalMart.”

There’s butter, there’s margarine, and then there’s spread. Spread might very well have water whipped into it, which makes it unsuitable for any use other than spreading on cold toast. Margarine acts very much like butter in cooking, although I don’t think it’s anywhere near as tasty. And then there are various combinations, such as margarine or spread that’s blended with milk or butter.

I try to avoid shopping at WalMart, because quite frequently they don’t have what I want. If I want some plain bagels, they’ll have every sort of bagel EXCEPT fullsized plain bagels. Whole wheat, blueberry, chocolate chip, plain minibagels (which are fine, but they don’t work in my toaster), onion, but no plain ones. WalMart shoppers tend to want selection and price, and I tend to want quality and selection, so WalMart is not a good place for me to shop.

Yeah. Only one molecule away, I heard on the internet

Is it about branding. I dont think it’s possible to get anything labelled ‘margarine’ here in the UK now, but only because the word fell out of grace. (You can still buy margarine, it will just be called ‘soft spread for baking’ or some such nonsense)

Stop this or I shall hydrogenate the both of you.

Sorry, guys!:smack:
Mea Culpa!:smack:

I stupidly, stupidly forgot to include the term ‘Whipped (soft)’ in my description! Sorry! I’m an idiot. :smack:
So, what I am looking for is the whipped margarine, in a tub.
And again, it’s the stuff like Imperial, Blue Bonnet, only soft, in the tub.

Sorry about playing the fool, at your expense!


…Uh…did we lose our ::blush:: smilie???


Obligatory (probably false) QI factoid. For a product to be classed as margarine it must contain at least 80% fat. No spread on the market comes anywhere near that. Most are around the 40% mark.

When a really obese Walmartian gets stuck in a scooter in the store, they have to slice some of the flab off – think of human gyros. That flab is melted down into Walmart spread, which is sold to further Walmartians (and nicely fattens them up too), making a closed food cycle in which all profits go to the Waltons.

“I Can’t Believe It’s Not Soylent Green!”

That’s the pesto. The margarine is Soylent Yellow.

Update, kinda. Just got back from WM-all of the Imperial was something like “Vegetable Oil Spread” or something like that. Found some Good Value margarine, tho, but I think Imperial bailed on us.


Wal-Mart never sells bagels.

They may sell round lumps of bread with a hole in the middle, but they don’t sell bagels.