Why dont all my fonts appear in MSWord - WordArt?

So here’s the deal.

I love the Comic Sans font on my computer.

It is available for me to use in MSWord.

But it is not one of the fonts available to me if i want to use the Word Art feature in MSWord.

Anyone have a clue how i can make Comic Sans and other fonts available to use in the Word Art mode?

Or at least help point me in the right direction to find the answer? Thanks…

A few questions:

Is the Comic Sans on your computer an MS True Type font? It should be named Comic Sans MS and have a TT to the left of it when you pull down the font drop down in Word.

What version of Word are you using? In Word 2000, on Windows 2000, Comic Sans MS is available in WordArt.

      • I have Win98/Office 2000, and Comic Sans MS is available also. All of the standard (included) fonts aren’t, but I don’t know why that is. - DougC
      • Well scratch that, it appears they are all available, just not listed individually: such as, if there are variations for different weights and italics, the regular Word2K font-list shows them as separate, but the WordArt dialog only says the name once. I also tried using some that I had gotten off the net, that I know weren’t standard with the install, and all of them are available in WordArt also.
  • What version of Word?
  • Also another possibility to try is to change the Comic Sans font name to the name of another font that works in your WordArt, uninstall that other font (at least temporarily) and install the “fake” Comic Sans font. You have to have a font program to do change the name though: Font Creator is a shareware one available on the net. The reason is that the actual font-name is encoded into the file, you can’t just simply rename the file itself. ~ I was going to find a font that WordArt wouldn’t accept and try this, but all the ten or so I tried, WordArt accepted. - DougC