Why don't any sunglasses "fit" my face shape?!

It’s inevitable. Anytime we go to a store that sells fashionable clothes, I’ll wander over to the large display of sunglasses. After finding a pair I like, I model it for my mom, who will say, “it doesn’t fit your face”. In ALL of the stores we have been to over the years, I have yet to find a pair that fits, according to my mother. My friend is in a similar situation. This suggests two possibilities: sunglasses are simply not made for the shape of my face, OR my mom is lying to me in a nefarious plot to deprive me of sunglasses.

Assuming the former, do you think LensCrafters or some similar store would be able to find non-prescription sunglasses that fit?

Quite possibly so: they can also give tips on what frame shapes/sizes/colors will work on your face, and what won’t. Even if they don’t have a pair that fits your needs/wallet, you can use that knowledge the next time you look at sunglasses.

Of course, the final say is: what sunglasses do you think look good on you and feel well? :cool: Unless everyone who sees you in sunglasses runs screaming or makes faces (hard to talk to people if they’re running away or doing something that’ll make you laugh), then who cares if they don’t ‘fit your face’?

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I can never find a baseball cap - or any hat, for that matter - that fits my head well and makes me look cute. (Well, even cuter… ;)) I’ve only ever found one cap that worked for me (a Converse bball cap) but I’m still paranoid that it makes me look dorky. Plus, it’s old and kinda grungy.

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I have a similar dilemma, in that I wear glasses and must therefore buy clip-on shades.

I always have to settle for something that almost fits over the lenses. But I always have a gap one place or another.

Say DAVEW0071, you might want to look at what Wal-Mart has next time you stop by there. There’s a kind of clip-on that doesn’t acutally clip-on: it’s got a spring thingy at the top, so you expand it to fit over your glasses, and it contracts back down to fit. They’re the only ones my Mom has found to fit on her glasses, even if they are a bit cheaply made.

<< I see said the blind man to his deaf son as he picked up his saw. >>

“Guys with fat asses…” :wink:

Look, I’m gay. It’s my Goddess-given duty to check out guys’ asses…

Anyway, there are some men who should not wear jeans. Their asses are just too fat. They should wear khakis.

There’s this software engineer here whose body is otherwise normal, but his ass is huge and pear-shaped. He wears the wrong kind of jeans every single day. Plus, he has visible panty line.

[size=1]But what a basket on the guy!* :eek:

I, of course, don’t have that problem, my ass being nice and cute. :wink: Seriously, though, jeans from the Gap fit me best, so I stick with them. I don’t even try them on. I just go into the store and point to the style I want and say, a pair of these in a 31/30.

Then I make sure I get the Gap chyck’s name because they always ask you at the cash if anyone in particular helped you. At least here they do.

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That’s the kind I have. Bought 'em at CVS.

They still don’t fit. I mean, they stay on just fine, and they do what sunglasses are supposed to do, but they aren’t exactly the same shape and size as my glasses.

Thus, I look like an Uber-dork when I’m wearing them.

I don’t know the answer to your question, but I wanted to say that I think Azure Eternity is a beautiful nickname.

Carry on.

I am a completely evil person and forgot to check if anyone replied to my thread. After some indecision, I decided a belated thanks was better than none at all, so thank you everybody, and especially beckwall, who also has a pretty cool nickname.

Sorry for bumping this back up, but I felt so bad about not thanking everybody! (BTW, if I have every ignored anybody else in a thread, it is most likely because once threads are out of my sight, they are out of my mind. Sorry. :o )