Why don't liberals and Democrats fully embrace atheism?

Still waiting for @Velocity to own up to this.

Hehe, as an atheist who wouldn’t venture into politics for a variety of reasons: even if Democrats were the ridiculous stereotype the OP presents, why would one want to volunteer ammunition to the worst elements of the other side? I’d answer if asked, but otherwise it’s irrelevant. Effective policies are strongly divorced from belief in god, in my experience.

Yeah, basically you’re asking why the other side isn’t the bad stereotype that you imagine them to be. On top of that, you’re also asking why they aren’t dumber than a bag of hammers. I think the answer is pretty clear. Your stereotype is not actually applicable in any general way, and they’re not as simple and two-dimensional as you’d prefer even when it might apply.

I agree with everyone else that the OP is flawed in that it assumes all liberals are atheists or secret atheist.

I’d also point out not all conservatives are Christians. There are factions on each side. Conservative Christians are, in my opinion, currently a disproportionally influential and loud part of the right. Rich people who don’t want to pay taxes aren’t always Church goers. Law and order/bomb the hell out of them types aren’t always church goers. Libertarian leaning republicans aren’t known for their ardent Christianity.

I wonder whether the OP was hoping to get a lot of answers saying specifically that it would be stupid to do so, and giving no other reasons; so as to try to substantiate a charge of hypocrisy.

Getting instead a chorus of voices saying ‘because a lot of liberals and Democrats aren’t atheists’ doesn’t fit that narrative.

I guess that’s why @Velocity never came back.

(Which country?) Were you concerned that might pray for you?

Wow! You are really positing that in the US a queer person has nothing to fear from religious people besides that they might pray for them?

I’m obviously not Miller; but my guess is that Miller was a lot more worried that they would beat them up, kick them out of their job and/or their apartment, shun them from their family, throw them out of their school, try to take their children away, etc. Any or all of which could easily have happened in the USA and a number of other places during much of my lifetime, and most of which are in some social circles still possible.

Perhaps you are reading words I did not write.

I would point out that mass killings and imprisonment of Gay people in the last century or so have happened at the hands of scientific atheists. You know, modern, progressive thinkers, like in Mao’s China, Stalin’s Russia and of course Hitler’s Germany. You know; regimes that attacked religious people too.

Holy fuck. What about in America? (And good luck with the “modern” exmples. Ha. “Mao, Stalin, Hitler”. Jaysus.)

I’m reading exactly what you wrote, and you know perfectly well that I am.

What do Hitler, Stalin and Mao have to do with what “Christians” have been doing in the United States for the last 50 years (I assume Miller’s lifetime)?

Just the usual distraction tactic. Why didn’t you drag in Chengis Khan while you were at it. Were you not sure if he was Buddhist?

Modern. Sheesh, Woodstock was over 50 years ago.

And who has ever called Mao, Stalin or Hitler “progressive thinkers” other than their most rabid followers in their lifetime?

It’s a popular refrain among a certain class of religious folks; they think they can trot out how those groups are “atheist progressives” and then they “win” their argument.

I think this is the 10-1 “piling on of conservative posters” for “wrongthink” people are complaining about.

well to be fair, their most rabid followers counted in the millions for each of them. one could argue they weren’t true believers, but they followed the party line.

I’m having a hard time understanding what Mao, Hitler and Stalin have to do with liberals and Democrats embracing or not embracing atheism.

Let’s please try to keep at least somewhat on the rails with this discussion.

I think this is a poorly constructed OP that everyone agrees is not well thought out. Not a single person has attempted to defend the idea that liberals are atheists.

Oh, I thought I was clear. When you are talking about the mass slaughter and persecution of Gays, religious people and so on over the last century or so, you are talking about people who fully embraced the most modern scientific ideas and rejected the delusions of religion.

Of course the difference now is that modern atheists are following the most modern scientific thinking and rejecting the delusions of religion for correct reasons. Not like those old guys. See? These atheists are good and wise. Those atheists were cruel and confused.

That still doesn’t have anything to do with the responses to your reply to Miller’s post. “Other people do it too!” is in this case perfectly accurate and also entirely irrelevant to the point that people giving religious reasons for their actions might well have done much worse things to Miller than to say prayers.