Why don't these cuts heal?

I’ve got two little cuts that I’ve had for an incredibly long time. One is a little cut right where my left ear connects to my scalp which I think I got from a haircut about two years ago; the other is a small spot on my nose that initially started off as a pimple, but after squeezing it, has remained a little cut for about six months. I receive many other cuts and scrapes and such on my hands and arms that heal in normal time, but these two never seem to get better. What’s the deal?

Speculation here, but perhaps it’s one or more of the following:

  • they are cuts in cartilaginous regions of your ear and nose where the blood flow is minimal. Since healing requires oxygen and nutrients, this would inhibit healing to some degree, I’d think

  • they are infected and the infection is contributing to the healing troubles. Have you put Neosporin or the like on them?

  • they are injuries to areas that undergo a lot of flexing and movement, and they keep getting reopened – the cut on your ear could be reopened, or just kept open in the first place, every time your ear moves, and the cut on your nose every time you move your nose

Hmm … that’s all I can think of at the moment. I’d guess it could be a combination of any of these or something I’ve neglected to think of at this time of night (3:35 in the morning where I live). Hopefully others will be able to help more so you can get rid of these painful annoyances.

Have you considered Stigmata?

Sometimes the simplest explanations are the best.