Why Don't They Put Urinals In Houses?

Wouldn’t it be easier for everyone if architects just designed houses with urinals in the bathrooms?

Think about it- no arguments over leaving the seat up, no dribbling on the seat. Why don’t houses have them?

I personally don’t want to have to pee in the bathroom sink, but it seems I’m left with no other choice!

I have long said that if I ever have a house built for me, I’m putting in a urinal in the main bathroom. For some reason, people think I’m weird. I just think it makes perfect sense!

I guess few homeowners want to go to the additional expense when a conventional toilet covers the bases pretty well.

In states where water consumption is regulated (say, Texas), I’m surprised more homeowners don’t have urinals installed because they would be far more efficient for (male) urine elimination than a toilet. There was a King of the Hill episode that hinged on this, and how the low-flow toilets mandated by law were almost useless at solid-waste disposal.

Hmmm, hit <submit> at the wrong time.

Anyhoo, if you put a urinal in for urine disposal and a conventional high-flow toilet for solid waste, I’ll bet your overall water consumption would go way down, assuming your household had several males in it.

Excellent points, guys.

I’m not positive, but I bet the additional cost would be minimal. It would also conserve water, which is very important in the Southwestern United States. And it’s much more sanitary. Very low maintainance. Why aren’t they doing this?

I really, really don’t want to see a urinal every time I use the bathroom. At least with a lavatory you can close the lid, and it’s discreet.

But being faced with a yellow-stained piece of porcelain plumbing every time I brush my teeth? No thank you!

Yes I know that is a huge exaggeration but I really, really, really don’t want a urinal in my bathroom.

Plus… I don’t think you can go to your local hardware/plumbing store and buy one of these… or parts (however minimal) to fix them.

Also, is it anymore trouble? I mean, I know you wouldn’t have to worry about the whole lid up/down ordeal, but it’s basically the same as a toilet as far as work involved goes.

The airwaves here in the UK are literally crawling with ‘home makeover’ TV shows; on at least a few of these, I have seen people installing urinals in their bathrooms; on one occasion, I seem to recall it was an urinal specifically designed for use by women (don’t ask; the shock of this has erased the details from my mind).

Ozzy Osbourne famously has one in his house.

His wife & daughter complained about him peeing on the seat so much he got a long urinal installed so he could just pee in the general direction of the wall.

I think the absence of a lid is a significant factor in a domestic situation; or at least, it is if all those horror stories about ‘toilet flush aerosol’ are true (although, of course, this might be less of a problem since it is only handling urine).

Oh god oh god oh god the whole prospect of a urinal is just really getting to me. I am so glad I am not a man and only ever have to use a nice ladies’ bathroom with private stalls in it.

Here there are still some places that have those squat loos. A stained white platform thing to stand on with a big black dark hole beneath plummeting straight into the void or bowels of the earth…


I have seen bob velia installing one (ok those work men behind bob) in one of his remodeling jobs.

For water consumption they would be good but they are kind of ugly for a home - a sink looks a lot nicer :wink:

Yeah, but on the upside, after a few beers (not for you though;), urinals magically appear everywhere!
On walls, in car parks, in the front garden…

I saw one at a home show that was called the miser. It was a cute little urinal that came in designer colors. There was a cover that concealed it when not in use. I would not mind this so much, bet then it did not stick out very far from the wall and I would fear a yellow streak forming on the wall near it. Hubby has sucky aim.

i think urine is supposed to be sterile and plus most urinals do kind of a cascade thing when you flush so i don’t think the actual sterility issue is the reason it hasn’t caught on(maybe just the misconception of it being dirty). my guess is that toilets are multifunctional whereas you would still need a toilet in the house if you built a urinal… extra bathroom fixtures. when i was abroad, i saw a urinal that was just a tiled wall with water that would trickle down into a small gutter after you peed. that seems like a good solution to the unsightly urinal problem. i don’t know if i could get used to peeing on the walls of my bathroom though…
Surreal and k2dave are on the right track… that’s why we have sinks and showers :wink:

Hey guys, have you ever gone into a public men’s room to find a dry floor in front of the urinal? Never! Men always seem to dribble a few drops of pee on the floor. Can you imagine the chagrin of your wives finding pee on her bathroom floor? So, if you have a urinal, be careful where the last few drops go. Keep the bathroom floor clean. :smiley:

Now I not only do not want a urinal in my bathroom, I do not want a MAN in my bathroom…

Do you suppose that a bidet could also function as a urinal? And while we are on the topic of toilets, I plan on having a padded, heated seat for my master bedroom in the house I’m about to buy.

I have a wealthy uncle who has a urinal in one of his bathrooms. To walk in and see that in a private house was a truly weird experience.

Since some people seem to not like the idea of having a proper urine disposal device in the room where these functions are to be carried out, I suggest putting a urinal in the garage. That way as I’m drinking beer with friends talking about cars, I don’t even need to go inside! And it’s much cleaner than just going in the bushes.