Why don't they still make Krispy Kans?

Krispy Kans were metal cans with dessicant in their glass knobs. Periodically, you’d unscrew the knob and bake it in the oven to dry it out.

Seemed like a pretty good idea, and modern technology creates more items that come with dessicant packs. Why not still on the market?

What is it used for?

To store cookies and crackers and keep them from getting stale.

These are way cool.

By making them rock hard in the process? :confused:

Look at the photos in the OP’s links. They describe it better. They’re for hard crackers and other products that aren’t meant to be moist. The dessicant in the lid keeps moisture out of the cannister so the crackers don’t get stale.

Wouldn’t an airtight zip lock style poly bag which is what is normally used for storing crackers and similar items work just as well, if not better?

Airtight ziplock poly bags are a more recent invention.

Yeah, but which looks cooler?