Why don't video games have an "old fart" mode?

I was just wondering. I’m 45 years old. I played arcade games in my youth, and console & computer games in adulthood. I’ve grown up playing video games, for all practical purposes.

I can see why old farts today might not care about video games as much. It was fairly easy to just ignore the whole phenomenon if you wished.

But me? I want to play Resident Evil 20 when I’m old and decrepit. It will be ridiculously difficult for me most likely. Actually, most likely it will be impossible. Unless they make an “old fart” mode, where you can choose to play the game reeeally slow, if you have to.

Is it that hard to implement? Why aren’t they doing it? When will they start, if ever?

Are they just going to blow off us aging late baby boomers/early Gen X-ers?

In New Super Mario Bros. Wii, if you die a certain number of times, you can jump on a blue block that takes over for you, (I think you can kick back in at any time), I never used it, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see it in other Wii tittles as well. I’ve heard of people useing it, and likeing it as an option.

The blueblock thing in Super Mario Brothers does not complete the level for you. It shows you how you can complete it. It is like watching someone on you tube completing the level.

There’s already an “Easy” mode. There should also be a “Hit a button and win a game” mode?

Video games are harder for you (not you specifically, a general “you”) because you haven’t been playing them. Tinker and dabble and it won’t be as hard.

Not playing video games of any variety is going to be atypical pretty soon.

Oh, sorry then. :X

Exactly. The much disparaged EZMODE is already pretty remedial. If you’re having trouble on ezmode, it might be time to give it up.

My father (who is in his 50s) got a Xbox 360 for Christmas and it was downright painful to watch him play. His biggest hurdle was the controller and not reading the damn prompts on the screen that very clearly told him what to do. He eventually got better but it just takes some dedication (like learning anything new I suppose).

I think part of the reason there’s not a super-easy mode for old timers is because they generally don’t play video games in the first place, and those that do are likely to be familiar enough with video games to not require such a mode. It’s not very common for someone with little to no experience with video games to want to pick up and play a “serious” game like Resident Evil (versus the “casual” games found everywhere online).

Resident Evil 4 had “normal” and “hard.” I played both. Where’s the easy mode? You expect me to go out and buy a cheat system? Why can’t I play the game on “easier” when I’m fucking 80 years old? Sounds like you’re about 1 step away from saying “video games aren’t for losers, loser! Don’t play if you can’t hang!”


It does let you skip past the level, though. Also the block is green :).

Umm, no. It DOES complete the level for you. In fact, you can even take control of the character at any point during the ‘video’ and play through that way as well. Either way, you’ll skip past it.

I will have to fire up the old wii tonight and play with my usual skill I should get the block soon enough.

You can. It’s not the publisher’s fault if you suck at it, for whatever reason.

Did you actually read the post you were responding to?

I honestly thought today’s games were easier. I mean, I kept hearing how hard New Super Mario Bros. Wii was, but it’s not like it’s Contra (without the Contra code, of course) or anything like that.

Seriously, the new games have unlimited death! Unlimited death! In NetHack, when you died once, the game was OVER*! Some games even have easy mode AND unlimited death. You never had that when I was a lad! If you think today’s games are easy, try playing Battletoads or ZAngband or Ghosts and Goblins, son. You’ll never complain that new games are hardcore again, ever.

[sub]*Unless you had an amulet of life giving. Which was very hard to find early on when you had the biggest risk of death. But if you died with it on, it freakin’ disappeared, so if some massive monster was attacking you, it could kill you twice in one turn.[/sub]

Who cares why a person might want an EASY mode? They don’t have to be 80 to want or need such a mode.

I am 47 and have to wear reading glasses, but I don’t wear them to watch TV. However, the way things are right now, reading things on the TV is getting pretty difficult. I used to love watching poker on TV, but now I don’t watch it very much, because (from across the room) I can’t see a player’s hole cards.

Video games can provide all sorts of benefits for players other than the target demographics of 18-35. I think there are studies showing that hand/eye coordination and memory are just two things that can be improved by video games.

And it isn’t just the elderly who might benefit from a super-slow mode. Consider a young person who is recovering from an accident.

This is an area that gaming companies might want to examine.

That’s also time to develop it for a product that’s a niche product at best. I’d like to be shown wrong, though.

I wouldn’t call an aging Gen X gaming generation a “niche market.”

We aren’t going to be selling video games to 60 years olds who have never played before. We’re going to be (hopefully) selling games to sixty year olds who have already been playing and spending money on it for 30, 40, 50 years etc.

If they’ve been playing video games that long, then the game’s “easy” difficulty should serve them well.

Maybe. You don’t know how arthritis, vision problems and slowed response times will affect even gamers. If there’s already a market clamoring for a product then perhaps it’s something the gaming industry should look into. But telling them that enough concessions have already been made is tacky. What is it to you if the designers add an easier format. Just don’t play that format.

The trick is to only play games against young kids and only play games that they haven’t played before. Sometimes it takes them hours before they are crushing you like a bug. Then start looking for a new game.