Why don't you like cats?

A (rare) serious thread for me. Pro-cat people, please don’t participate except with anecdotes of certified feliphobes.

For those of you who don’t want to own a cat:

  1. Describe your level of aversion to them:
    They’re pointless —> They bug —> Get the gun!

  2. What specifically do you dislike about them?

  3. Do you like ANY kind of terrestrial pets?

Hey, I have two cats and there are things I can’t stand about them - can’t I say those things?

  1. Describe your level of aversion to them:
    They’re pointless —> They bug —> Get the gun!

In my expirience with cats. they´re too “I´ll do whatever I want, whenever I want” for me. A dog is more friendly and tends to be more obidient. On a scale from 1-10, ten being Cats are awsome, I´d give em´a 4. Cute for a while, but not for a pet.
2) What specifically do you dislike about them?

See above.

Oh, and also they are rather unpredictable at times.

  1. Do you like ANY kind of terrestrial pets?


I don’t mind cats, I even like some of them, but I just don’t understand why people like the cats that don’t like people. I know that all cats are not aloof, but how can you guarantee that the cat you adopt isn’t going to spend it’s days under the bed.

I also don’t like the fickle nature of cats. One minute they are content on your lap and the next they are clawing your arm. Basically I want a pet that sees me as master not slave.

I also don’t really understand lizards as pets, or really any animal that just views you as a source of food. I love dogs though:p

  • Squirts featherlou with the spray bottle *

Well, this makes me feel like standing up in meeting of Republicans and explaining why I don’t like the Pledge of Allegiance. But, what the heck…

First off, I’m allergic to the kitties. Eyes water. Nose turns red.

Cats will normally mark a house in a way that takes incredible effort to neutralize. I don’t care for the aroma.

Often kitties will give no indication before they scratch or bite. I can read a dog’s eyes.

There’s the Rob Wilco/Bucky syndrome. It annoys me when people put up with little bastards as pets. I read “Get Fuzzy” and think: get rid of the damn cat. Obviously not all kitties are little Bucky-type bastards.

They are hit or miss as far as training goes. It’s easier to train a dog not to tear up your couch than a cat.

Yes, I understand that your cat doesn’t smell, is affectionate, doesn’t tear up the furniture and isn’t spoiled.

  1. Describe your level of aversion to them:
    They’re pointless is a great description. I feel “meh” about cats. Kittens–squee! But cats? Whatever. Take or leave them.

  2. What specifically do you dislike about them?
    It’s probably best to describe it in contrast to other pets. Cats require more attention than a caged pet like a gerbil or hamster, but don’t seem to return as much companionship, love, or loyalty as a dog. They’re kind of the worst of both worlds to me. I mean, they’re all right, if they’re not mine. I’ll pet them if they’re friendly, but most cats just…don’t seem to give a crap. I want something fuzzy and warm that I can play with. Cats are aloof and sleek, and I like dogs that are messy and lovable and playful and filled with bouncy joy. Cats don’t have bouncy joy. They have kitten energy, and then occasional bouts of freaking out.

It’s all about how I personify their actions.

Cats: “What? Humans. Feh. Yes, yes, feed me, pet me–now go. I tire of your presence.”
Dogs: “I’m gonna be your dog today! Yay! Throw the stick! Throw it, please! Hey, you’ve got a hotdog! I wanna hotdog! Ooh, a squirrel! Whew, I’m tired. Here, scratch my head.”

  1. Do you like ANY kind of terrestrial pets?
    Dogs. Love 'em. Unless they’re hateful or annoying–but that’s usually a specific dog.

I start sneezing within five minutes, so I can’t stand them.

But I just can’t see the point of pets in general anyway.

[QUOTE=beanpod;10338532Cats: “What? Humans. Feh. Yes, yes, feed me, pet me–now go. I tire of your presence.”
Dogs: “I’m gonna be your dog today! Yay! Throw the stick! Throw it, please! Hey, you’ve got a hotdog! I wanna hotdog! Ooh, a squirrel! Whew, I’m tired. Here, scratch my head.”[/QUOTE]

That’s pretty much what I do. Cats seem like they really couldn’t give a damn about you. A dog is happy to see you no matter how many times you are standing right in front of you. I just can’t picture myself getting attached to a cat like I can a dog.

Plus, a dog will protect your house and can do all sorts of neat things.

A Cat: Oh, you’re home again. I will have my dinner at the usual time. Begone peasant.

A Dog: OMG YOU’RE HOME! I MISSED YOU! We can go outside? OMG a tree! OMG a bug!! OMG another tree!!!

  1. I would never own one, but I am somewhere between They bug —> Get the gun!

  2. They shit in the house. They shed (I realize dogs do too, but it’s always the cat owners who are COVERED in cat hair). They are nocturnal, and think it’s fun to disturb your sleep. They will wake you up at 2 in the morning because they are hungry. They demand attention without returning affection. LOLcats. They rub their scent onto you. They aren’t domesticated - they are feral creatures who choose to live in your home. They inspire irrational idiotic love in their owners. I mean, I know dog owners who couldn’t be prouder of their dog’s latest BM, but cat owners seem to treat their cats like small, very spoiled children. Probably most important, a dog’s life revolves around you. Your life revolves around a cat.
    Funny… after thinking about this, I think I need to buy a gun…(or a very large sack. The lake is close).

  3. I love dogs, but treat them like animals, not people. I’m happy around horses, cows, goats, and sheep. I’m relatively good with small mammals - rabbits, hedgehogs, whatever. I think rats/hamsters/mice/guinea pigs fall at the “pointless” end of the spectrum, but don’t particularly bother me.

When I was young I used to like cats, and I’ve had a few in my lifetime. I was never as much of a dog person, although now in my dotage I’ve got two outside dogs I’m happy with.

When I had my kids, having pets just went out the window. I was not happy trying to keep up with cleaning after the pet hair and assorted small messes they’d make.

It’s a trade-off: to me, the affection/companionship aspect of an indoor pet doesn’t nearly make up for the aggravation of cleaning up after them. I think that to people who love cats and other indoor pets, obviously it does.

Aside from that, cats are beautiful creatures and can be quite entertaining. So I guess you can say, I like cats - at someone else’s house, not mine! :wink:

ETA: Another thing: I don’t want them walking all over my counters and sleeping on my furniture/beds. Ick.

I haven’t been around cats all that much, but I’ve had dogs all my life. Most of the cats I’ve seen have been very aloof, only gracing people with their presence when they want food or a petting. So cats get a big meh from me. They’re cute and fun to play with (when they feel like it), but I’m not dying to have one. I might like to have one someday, though, as I really can’t resist all the cute furry faces I see at animal shelters and such who look like they’re just begging for a home.

For those of you who don’t want to own a cat:

  1. Describe your level of aversion to them:
    They’re pointless

  2. What specifically do you dislike about them?
    One they climb. The highest my dog gets is the couch. Okay he once jumped on the table and stole a hamburger, but this was an End of the World Event and not normal.

Second they don’t give any warning I can see before they attack me. Dogs? Dogs I can read. With cats its more "Puurrr, puurrr, puuur, Mrrraaah! cue living meat grinder.

  1. Do you like ANY kind of terrestrial pets?
    I like dogs and I like other peoples’ cats.

I never liked cats because they’re evil and vicious.

Now I have one and he’s…evil and vicious. (I like him anyway, but he hasn’t turned me into a cat person.)

I’m allergic, but even if I weren’t, I just like dogs better. I like little baby kittehs, but not so much the grown up versions. Litter boxes? Blech. Hairballs? Baraargh! Gak! Dead animal presents? Urk!

Had numerous cats growing up. Really good, responsive cats. You could call, and they’d come running, sociable. Last cat I had was about 6 years ago, had her about 10 years. Great cat.

But no more cats, ever.

Pissing in the house. Very rarely, but you can never get that smell out.

Sticking your ass in my face.

Trying to trip me by threading through my legs when I walk.

Random psycho moments with claws and teeth.

Paws that have been digging through feces walking around on my counter.

Incessant meowing.

Sleeping on my head.

But more than anything, I think it is the sticking the ass in my face.

I have a dog, and many through the years. Have two guinea pigs and a fish. Have had horses, goats, chickens, geese, hermit crabs, snakes, you name it, I’ve probably had one, or took care of it somewhere along the line.

And I wouldn’t be completely against having some barn cats.

But never in the house again.

Speaking for my girlfriend, she didn’t like cats because of a bad experience with one particular cat. The experience was: whenever she went over to a friend’s house, the cat attacked her. Not that it attacked her like a large ill-behaved dog will mug you at the door; it would stalk her like a cat is wont, and when the moment was right and she wasn’t prepared, it’d pounce. The way she described the incidents, well, I can only assume it would have been hilarious to watch. Somewhat like how some comical bully would pick on one “chosen” victim, only it was a 15 lbs cat on a fully grown woman.

Anyway, after a few weeks of living with my kitty she was fine. But it was amusing to watch her walk so delicately around him. Choosing her steps, unsure of when he’d attack - like he ever did. Petting him, and then, at his slightest movement, abruptly pulling her hand back, which only scared him and in turn scared her so she’d jump up. Hilarious. Cat running scared upstairs, girl standing with fear in her eyes and hands clenched tightly against her chest.

Cats aren’t pointless; they just aren’t for me.

I never was a huge cat fan; I’d like to see them for a few minutes at a friend’s house, but that was about it. This was sealed when I spent a week in New York with my friend who has two cats. They’re cute but good God I don’t want any. I don’t like the general aloof attitude, the sudden random bitey periods after they’ve been demanding attention



I’m sorry, cat owners, but it’s true. I have been in TWO homes total that did not stink while having cats. All the others had this WALL of cat pee smell hit you when you walked in. Yeah, you eventually got used to it and didn’t notice it, but god, those first few minutes. :: barf ::

I love dogs and always have. I love that they’re happy to see you and are just so much more friendlier in general. I also have a fondness for rabbits and guinea pigs (I have two pigs; unfortunately my fiance is allergic to them so I can’t have any after they die. :().

I liked our cats when I was little (boy, my dad sure didn’t) but now I just don’t want to deal with a pet. I clean up after small irresponsible beings all the time, I don’t need another one that can’t even talk. I don’t want to deal with hair all over the place, I definitely don’t want to deal with kitty litter, and I really really don’t want to pay a vet a ton of money when the cat eats chicken bones or something. I like cats better than dogs, though.

Maybe if it was somebody else who did the cleanup? Hmmm…nah. Still not a pet person.

I hate cats.

They’re basically floormats that you have to feed. They never DO anything. Sure they are cute and fun when they’re kitties, but once they grow up they just eat, lay around, and take up space.

I love love love dogs. They’re interesting, fun, cute, playful til the day they die, they give a rats-ass about you, and they’re just the best all around.