Why do some people (especially, it seems, men) hate cats?

I have trouble understanding this. I mean, I do understand that cats are not the right pet for everyone. I understand having a preference for or against a particular type of pet for oneself. And I know that a lot of people have allergies, especially to cats.

But what I fail to comprehend, on a deeply emotional level I suppose, is someone who says they hate all cats, and that they all deserve to be tortured to death. I don’t see this kind of invective against dogs, hamsters, goldfish, parakeets. Just cats. And mostly from men.

So, tell me: what’s up with that?

I’m a guy and I like cats.

My WAG (not a generalization, does not apply to all males):

Cats are prissy and men hate prissy things.
Cats don’t take orders. Men hate things that they can’t control.

We’re just reciprocating. Cats hate people – in their view we’re just big can openers.

They have no redeeming value.

They stink. They ruin furniture with thier claws and various offensive bodily fluids and semi-solids. They don’t stay where they belong and always go where they do not, like counter-tops, tables and stoves. They are dis-loyal. They are picky eaters, yet will often eat thier own vomit. They shed excessivly. They cheat at “games of chance”. When caught licking their genitalia and anus, they give you a look as if to say, “What’s your problem, Girlfriend?”. They are financially irresponsible. They can’t use toilet paper, so basicly, whenever they are on the couch, they are wiping their ass on it. One hyphanated word: Hair-balls.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again:

I hate cats.

“Men hate things that they can’t control”

I second that.

As for the previous poster…I pray they don’t have children.

I am far from a cat hater, but I do disslike the damage domestic cats do to bird populations. Also cats are far less useful than dogs except perhapse in small vermin control.

I dispute this. I have found most pet (not feral) cats to be quite affectionate, even to people who are not their “food providers”. Many people can tell stories of their cat displaying empathy to them when they were ill or depressed, or of showing remarkable tolerance & gentleness toward infants and toddlers who pulled their tails and such.

And we all know dogs are perfect.

I don’t hate cats. I just don’t like them.

I think men tend to dislike cats for several reasons:

  1. Cats poop and pee in a box full of ground up clay in the basement, and it smells. No matter how often you clean the litter box, I can walk into any house and tell if there are cats.

  2. Women, i.e. my wife, insists on letting cats sit on the bed while we are having sex. The cat sits there staring at me with a look of disapproval on its face.

  3. Cats spend all day sleeping on the couch. I want to spend all day sleeping on the couch. I’m jealous.

Mandatory Disclosure Statement: We have three cats. They are fat, happy, and well cared for. No, I don’t kick them.

“Men hate things they can’t control?” What nonsense. I can’t control my wife, Major League Baseball, sunny days, or the way they grill a steak at Morton’s, but I love all those things. Hell, for most of my adolescence I couldn’t control my own schlong, but I’m a big fan of my schlong.

“Women hate things they can’t control” would be no less accurate a statement, and women supposedly love cats.

Personally, I love cats AND dogs. A home should have both.


You and your wife are supposed to be equals. Cats are equal to no one. Even other cats!

Kids like them. They are a comfort to old people. That’s enough redemption for me.

Remind me again why I can’t buy Chanel’s Eau de Wet Dog

Dogs chew up shoes and furniture. They pee and crap on stuff, too.

Try keeping a dog out of a toilet.

They’re predators. What do you want?

Dogs eat shit. Their own. Another dog’s. The cat’s.

So do dogs.

Dogs cheat at poker. I have proof!

Dogs choose to lick their balls at inopportune times. Like when the in-laws come over.

I’ve seen plenty of dogs in bankruptcy court. :smiley:

Dogs scrape their asses on the driveway.

Okay, you can have that one.

Since when did this become about Dogs?? Why are dogs always compared to cats? Like you can only be a cat lover or a dog lover…

I do have to say… I am not a huge cat lover. I think it depends on the cat actually. They all have all their seperate personalitys. I cant stand cat hair, or that many of them will piss on your belongings when they are mad at you, or that they do scratch up your furniture (if you let them)… Cat’s are however, so hilarious! They provide hours of entertainment if you have the right cat. For many people, a cat is man’s best friend.

I want to get a cat.

The kiddies want a cat.

Mr. Ujest and all his male friends hate cats.

His parents hate cats.

His sister hates cats.
You can’t put a price tag on something that will drive these people to think twice about coming for a visit.
My only beef with cats is the poop and the kitty litter thing. Yuck.

I’d rather the cat poop in the yard and I can set the mower deck lower and just puree the crap.

Well, there are superstitions involving cats, including black cats crossing your path, black cats and witches, and cats stealing the breath from sleeping children.

Among christian society in the middle ages, superstitions against cats were so strong they were all but eliminated from cities and towns. Cats were killed, tortured, skinned and immolated. No cats, more rats. More rats, more fleas. Fleas carried black death. Stupid humans died in droves…

Some attitudes don’t change, especially in parts of the west dominated by philistines and luddites.

I know this is a joke, but please, don’t ever do this. Our former neighbors were too damn lazy to pick up their dog’s crap, so they’d just run the mower right over it. The stench on a moderately warm day was unbelievably bad.

I’m a guy. I happen to like cats. And yet, I am wildly allergic to them. A few hours in a house where cats live and my hayfever and asthma goes crazy.

I can’t tell you how often I have heard variations on “You are allergic to cats? How come you don’t like them?”.

Grrr. I do like them. I also happen to be allergic to them.

I can’t tell if I hate all cats, or just the beasts that currently reside in my house and eat my food.

And I hate them even more because they made me love them. As for the OP’s question–my husband is a guy (obviously) and he loves cats. He is constantly begging me to elt him get a 3rd kitten…and he had a weird freaky bond with the cats. I swear, all three of them are out to make me insane. They do the things they do on purpose to drive me nutty.

Great. Now he’s gonna unleash his unholy Cat Army of the Dead and destroy the world.

I don’t really believe this at first blush, and would like to see some pretty solid cites before I’d believe it. Killing cats I can believe; “all but eliminating” cats I don’t.